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Tory Lanez claims he is still friends with Megan Thee Stallion

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A couple of months back, the fans received a shocking news Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot by Tory Lanez, her then-boyfriend. Their relationship was not confirmed at that time. And, Megan also did not tell his name right away. In fact, Tory’s name was taken at a later stage and it was reported that Megan’s team had sent a warning for Tory. Now, after all this time, Tory Lanez is claiming that he is still friends with Megan. Is that the truth?

Tory Lanez opens up about the backlash from Megan Thee Stallion’s fans

In his livestream, Tory Lanez opened up about the backlash he has been receiving from last 3 months. Since the day Megan Thee Stallion got shot and Tory’s name was taken as shooter, Tory said he has been receiving hatred. People are coming at him continuously, and the hatred is not slowing down.

she knows what happened, I know what happened. What the alleged things or alleged accusations of my name are, are not true.

Tory Lanez said the accusations are false information. He also said he is not going to disrespect Megan, or bash her online.

to me, as a person, she is still my friend.

Tory says that they had a very good time together. That’s why he is never going to disrespect Megan Thee Stallion by speaking ill of her. And he claims that people are just assassinating his name and everything he has done so far.

Views from critics

Tory Lanez is already facing a lawsuit against the shooting claim made by Megan Thee Stallion. In a critical review of his Instagram livestream, Empressive talks about how Tory Lanez should have stayed silent and waited for his court date. Instead of letting the court prove his innocence, he decided to take the matters into his own hands and used his own argument to prove he is not guilty.

Empressive also highlighted how Tory Lanez was trying to earn public respect by telling them that he does not think ill of Megan. While Megan has been crystal clear about who shot her, and she took Tory’s name. How can Tory still be friends with her?

Trying to sway public opinion does not really help in the end. Will Tory Lanez succeed in proving his innocence?


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