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Malu Trevejo increases OnlyFans price, scamming fans?

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Malu Trevejo, a singer and Instagram personality, has recently turned 18. Before her 18th birthday, Malu opened up about her life struggles with her fans during a live stream. She claimed that her mother is an alcoholic and she keeps Malu around only for money. Malu also claimed that her mother emotionally abuses her. After hearing how disturbed Malu was, her fans wanted her out of the house on an immediate basis. And she did. That’s not all. Right after her 18th birthday, Malu launched her OnlyFans, celebrating her free life now. Some fans are even calling out her fans as pedophiles, who wanted her to make an OnlyFans account even before she turned 18. Thing is, she has gotten the idea of how many people want to see her exclusive content. And now, she is spiking the rates.

Malu Trevejo increase the minimum OnlyFans subscription rate

The minimum subscription price for Malu Trevejo’s OnlyFans has been increased from $9.99 to $15.99. Yes, that’s right. That’s a 60% rise in the subscription rate, just to get basic exclusive content from Malu.

She has launched the OnlyFans account a couple of days back. And her subscribers have already reached 31k mark. At this rate, Malu might be ready for setting a new record soon. So far, she has posted only a couple of images and video clips. And no one is spilling the details what’s in it.

Malu Trevejo

Many of the people on Twitter are predicting that Malu Trevejo might be scamming her fans by posting non-explicit images and videos. And since she has already increased the price right after posting a couple of images, she is just adding fuel to the scamming predictions.

On the other hand, many people are also highlighting the fact that even though she just reached the legal age, the number of subscribers is pretty scary.

They say many predatory fans were just waiting for her to turn 18 and start posting explicit content.

There are some people using the Malu Trevejo Onlyfans news to turn into memes, without realizing that they are outing themselves as predators in the eyes of the world.

There are a few people who are taking Malu’s side for creating her account right after turning 18.

and she responds

After getting a backlash from the people on the internet, Malu Trevejo responded by asking people why are they hating her for earning money.

Malu Trevejo has already earned $300K in 2 days. Now that her rates are increased, let’s see if the number of subscribers keeps rising. We are also waiting for feedback from people who have subscribed to her exclusive adult content. Whether she is posting 18+ content, as she claimed. Or is she scamming fans into buying her content just to earn some money?

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  1. Me says

    Why are you talking like that of Malu ?
    She is so sweet.
    She can’t scam people, have you seen her smile ?

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