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Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Public!

Lincoln Center Renamed Trump Center?! What?

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The very famous host Jimmy Kimmel has given us enough evidence that he is no Trump fan. And has regularly included President Trump is his jokes and bits. But this time, Jimmy Kimmel brilliantly trolled the public with his Trump joke. And not just that, but it came off as serious shocks to majority. Kimmel faked a plan that Trump had decided to buy Lincoln Center and then rename it after it. Members of the Jimmy Kimmel team even went out to the city to interview public on what they thought of this latest break. If anything, Trump would definitely not be pleased to hear the responses.

What Did Jimmy Kimmel Do?

At the beginning of the segment, Jimmy Kimmel announced that there was officially one less Trump building in the city. As the public cheered, he explained that he residents of an Upper West Side condo voted to get Trump’s name off the building. But he commented saying that if only governments worked that way. Jimmy Kimmel added that Trump was not happy to have his name removed. He joked saying that the only thing that Trump wanted to remove his name from was Donald Jr. He added that the President’s lawyers wanted to sue the building for dropping the name. And that this was just like a restaurant forcing you to finish your soup even after you find a band aid in it.

Jimmy Kimmel said that he found the story interesting because surprisingly, Trump’s name appears on many buildings across the city. And this inspired him for some more fun on the Upper West Side. He said that he wanted to see how the public would react if told that another place was going to have Trump’s name on it. So, he trolled people by telling them that the Lincoln Center was to be renamed to Trump Center. And well, might be shocking but a huge part of the public bought this.

How Did The Public React?

The first member who was propped with this question immediately cursed. Others were simply angry at the news while women questioned why would it be renamed even if Trump bought it. She said that,

Lincoln Center is such a household name. I feel like changing the name is kind of a crime.

Another woman was showed what the Trump center would look like. It would have his name clearly displayed on top, and a new food court that features chain restaurants like Subway, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., KFC and Sbarro. But she reacted saying it was disgusting. When another one was told that KFC was Trump’s favorite, she commented saying that he looked like KFC himself.

Another person advised Trump that he must not put hooters in Lincoln Center.

The way Jimmy Kimmel trolled the public was hilarious. You can watch the whole video here.

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