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Jeffree Star Breaks His No Dating Vow?

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A few days ago Jeffree posted a video on his Youtube channel and tried really hard to clarify some things regarding his latest relationship with Andre Marhold. The breakup was a rather messy event for everyone involved.

A quick recap before that. It’s been more than ten months since Jeffree parted ways with his long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. And we still don’t know Nathan’s side of the story or the reason why he broke up with the beauty mogul. But according to Jeffree, he and Nathan were having a really hard time dealing with the loss of their dogs. They were focusing more on filling the gaps in each other’s lives rather than focusing more on their mental health and wellbeing. So they decided to part ways with no hard feelings and ended things on a mutual decision.

After almost seven months of staying single, Jeffree went on a couple of dates with an OnlyFans content creator and musician Jozea Rose. And then last month he moved on to ‘Andre Marhold’ who is an ex-basketball player.

Though for the first time in a very long time Jeffree seemed genuinely happy. But sadly things didn’t work out between him and Andre. The now ex-boyfriend wasn’t honest with Jeffree and even robbed him!

Long story short, Jeffree posted a video on his Youtube channel after his breakup with Andre and mentioned that he is never dating again. So who is this new guy on his social media stories then?

Did Jeffree Star actually quit dating after the Andre Marhold drama?

So, a couple of days ago Jeffree posted a video on his Youtube channel in which he shared how chaotic everything has been on social media. By this ‘chaotic everything’, he meant to say that all the fake accounts of his ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold who were making up fake stories regarding Jeffree and his long-term ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

The Youtube video in which Jeffree talked about his latest relationship was initially titled as ‘I’m NEVER Dating Again…We Need to Talk’. Which he later changed to ‘I Have Some REALLY Bad News’.

So Jeffree mentioned in this video that he is not dating Andre anymore. Though he referred to some of the fake accounts spreading false news about him. But what Jeffree didn’t do is elaborate on his initial clickbait-ish title ‘I’m not dating again‘ and the recent robbery drama.

And as per Jeffree’s Youtube video title, he was finally putting a stop to dating. But then yesterday morning, the beauty mogul shared a screenshot of a very lovely view from his million-dollar mansion’s balcony.

What a lovely view

Uhh-Ohh, it looks like a very cozy morning. Now I really don’t know what to say about this picture. Do you think this guy in the Pink Versace Robe is Jeffree’s new Mystery guy? Or Jeffree posted this picture just to give the social media outlets a reason to talk about rather than cooking up new drama recipes from scratch?

Umm, or could it be Jeffree’s new gym instructor? I don’t know if you guys remember one of Jeffree’s tweets from last month in which he is dressed up in a pink robe standing next to a shirtless man who clearly has some kicka*s v-cut-abs. It seemed like he was a fitness instructor.


Guess, we’ll have to wait a bit to find out more about this new mystery guy in Star’s life!

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