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Rachel Brosnahan stuns everyone in I’m Your Woman trailer

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Emmy-winning actress, Rachel Brosnahan, undergoes a barrage of criminal chaos in the first trailer for I’m Your Woman, a 1970s-set drama coming on Amazon. The story is about a determined wife and mother’s gritty struggle to survive a possibly fatal chase.

I’m your woman is directed and co-written by Julia Hart. Who also wrote the script with La La Land’s Jordan Horowitz. Starring Rachel Brosnahan as Jean, the movie shows a young woman put in the middle of a menacing plot that forces her to go on the run with her child in tow because of her husband’s shady dealings.

She crosses paths with a woman (Marsha Stephanie Blake)  and a man (Arinzé Kene) who urge her to fight back against her killers. This is a way in which Julia tried change the way women were often shown in iconic crime dramas of the in history.

Jean is woken up and forced to escape her home under the protection of one of her husband’s work associates named Cal, played by Arinzé Kene, in the middle of the night.

Cal asks Jean to keep her mouth shut while she is taken to a remote location. Cal, with help from his wife Terry played by Marsha Stephanie Blake, and Father Art played by Frankie Faison prepares Jean for a wild journey. Later Cal was mysteriously disappeared. While the women form a bond fighting crime and finding more into Eddie’s mysterious realm. As they both endeavor into Eddie’s felonious gangland full of fast cars, deadly sacrifices and dangerous men. Teri helps puts Jean on the path to independence.

Official release date and synopsis

The movie starts running on 11th December on Amazon Prime Video.

The official synopsis of the movie reads:

“Set in America in the 1970s, I’m Your Woman revolves around Jean (Rachel Brosnahan). Who must go on the run with her child due to her husband’s crimes. Their lives become intertwined with a man (Arinzé Kene) and a woman (Marsha Stephanie Blake). Forming an unlikely partnership that teaches them more than just how to survive”

And here we thought Julia Hart’s Fast Color with some pacing problems was a very well-made film. But as we watched the trailer for this mystery thriller, one thing became clear which is: Julia is the real deal. And we cannot wait to see what wonders she has done with the movie. Here it is I’m Your Woman, a new ’70s-set thriller with a well-cut teaser.

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