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‘Westworld’ Season 4 Release Date & More!

When will we get the chance to see the beauty of Westworld?

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So, HBO announced Westworld season 4 back in April. Considering how thick the plot is of Westworld, it isn’t a surprise that Warner Bros. is still committed to the project. The hit science fiction series asks a lot of complex questions on human morality. Moreover, it has an extremely engaging plot that keeps the viewers fully committed. So, what will season 4 be about? And more importantly, when can we get to see it?

When HBO announced season 4 back in August, Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the showrunners did hint that it will be slightly different. They said that season 4 would have a different genre compared to other seasons of Westworld. Therefore, viewers can expect a totally different theme and feel to the show.

Where did season 3 leave the show?

Westworld Season 4 Release Date & More!

In short, season 3 of Westworld was the endgame for Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). She started off the show with the intention of starting an android rebellion and ended up giving her life, passing the torch on to Maeve (Thandie Newton). And yeah, Dolores was really dead, and she perished really badly. Rehoboam and Serac (Vincent Cassel) really deleted all her memories. That’s when she established a connection with Maeve to tell her that she has to continue the fight. The showrunners have confirmed it. On the other hand, the Man in Black (Ed Harris) also died. The super AI intelligence Rehoboam was also shut down by Caleb (Aaron Paul), and Maeve pulled the trigger on Serac.

In short, the show is set for a complete reset for season 4, with so many characters gone. However, we can expect Dolores to be a part of Westworld in some shape or form. But, when will we get to know anything about season 4? Or more importantly, when will we finally be able to stream it on HBO Max?

Westworld Season 4: Release date

After confirmation on April 22, 2020, HBO never gave a release date for Westworld Season 4. It’ll likely be another 18 to 20 months till we see season 4, just like the last 3 seasons. Casey Bloys from HBO revealed that due to the unique nature of season 4, it’ll take a while to shoot it. Bloys told Variety:

As Jonah and Lisa will tell you, I will always say, ‘Can we get it sooner? As shows get bigger and more complicated, I think more time between seasons is probably becoming more of the norm.

So, we can only expect the release date for the upcoming season to be around 2022. However, the Coronavirus pandemic may also have made things a bit complicated for HBO for the past few months. Therefore, we can expect Westworld season 4 to land on our streaming services no sooner than the summer of 2022.

Westworld season 4: cast

As far as the cast is concerned, Thandie Newton will definitely be a part of the show as Maeve. Moreover, Jeffrey Wright will also be a part of the show as Bernard. In fact, he will be extremely important since he has the key to the Forge, where the minds of all the dead hosts and guests in the park are stored. But, we may see some flashbacks or cameos from Dolores in season 3 as well. Considering how important Dolores was throughout the previous 3 seasons, we can expect her to play some sort of role in Westworld season 3, despite being dead. Look at Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte after all. She managed to make appearances after her demise, then why not Dolores? However, we’ll only find out about it in 2022. That’s a long wait, but we hope it’s worth it.

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