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Lauv & Conan Gray Collaboration ‘Fake’ Proves they’re a Perfect Musical Match!

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Lauv has finally found a true music friend he can collaborate with to expose his fake friends: Conan Gray. Hanging out with fake friends can certainly be a nuisance and frustrating. The feelings were perfectly encapsulated by Lauv and Conan Gray in their new song ‘Fake’.

Check out the music video here

In a rather colorful and bright video, the feelings Conan Gray and Lauv share are quite troublesome. The two sing for how they’re tired of everyone being stuck on being shallow and ‘living on the surface’.

Yeah, you and your friends you live on the surface
Act like you’re perfect
Everyone knows
You’re just like everyone else
except for you’re better at taking photos
Ohh ohh oh oh Yeah, why you gotta make everything a show

That’s very true of how everyone is now obsessed with what image they’re portraying online rather than enjoying life’s moments as they happen.

Everyone is living ‘on the surface’, especially in the music and influencer industry Lauv and Conan Gray come from. The singers use their soft vocals to convey how even those who pretend to be perfect are just like everyone else. It’s just a hoax.

The chorus is addictive in its warmth:

Man, you’re so f*cking fake (ahh ah) You don’t mean a single thing you say (ahh ah) If we’ve got a problem, say it to my face (ahh ah) And you’re just like all the people that you hate. You’re so fake When the real you’s back, I’ll pick up my phone

Conan Gray explains how people who momentarily show interest in us and aren’t true to their feelings:

Calling me up when you’re getting drunk
You say you’re in love but what do you mean
Cause when you wake up
you blame it on drugs
And then we break up, you lie through your teeth
You just want to play little games for attention

The inspiration behind the song

Lauv and Conan Gray both shared similar sentiments about their fake friends when they first hung out together.

The ‘I like me better’ singer shared with the press:

“we wrote ‘Fake’ the first time I met Conan and it’s one of my fav songs ever. I hope you love it.”

Conan Gray explained that their rant about fake people around them essentially transformed into this fun song that you can jam to:

Lauv and I wrote Fake while we were just hanging and ranting about those two faced people everybody knows. Those people who say one thing and do the other, people who constantly talk trash about their own friends. We wanted to make something fun you can scream in the car to, a song to flip a bird at those types of people.

This marks the first collaboration for Conan Gray

Many are already familiar with Lauv, whose enchanting music has made it to the charts quite a few times. Fortunately, another extremely talented singer, Conan Gray is also has a bright future. His incredible singing has earned him millions of views on YouTube and more than 3 million subscribers.

He’s also performed his song ‘Heather’ on the James Corden show:

Lauv, on the other hand, has had multiple collaborations with other music artists such as Anne-Marie, Troye Sivan, and Lany. He has the ability to easily merge his own music style with any artist he collaborates with, and it was shown in this one as well.

Lauv and Conan make a splendid match

But the reason ‘Fake’ sounded so wonderful was because of how Lauv and Conan Gray both share very similar musical styles, with their soft vocals and often deep messages in their songs.

Lauv has previously talked about how the internet often makes him anxious in his song ‘Drugs and the Internet’:

“I wrote ‘Drugs & The Internet’ at a time I was struggling with feelings of extreme emptiness and depression. I wrote it as a sort of self-analysis for my obsession with the way I wanted present myself to the world — a commentary on the world we live today.”

Similarly, Conan Gray, from his millennial lens released the song ‘Generation Why’ that showcased the feelings that the youngest generations often deal with by meaningful lyrics:

Cause we are the helpless, selfish, one of a kind. Millennium kids, that all wanna die
Walking in the street with no light inside our eyes
We are the worthless, cursed with too much time
We get into trouble and lose our minds

It’s safe to say that Lauv and Conan Gray both have highly unique talents. Not just because of their voices that leave a wonderful mark on your heart but also because of the depth in their lyrics.

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