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Jake Paul New Song ‘Dummy’ Out Now

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Well, we never thought Jake Paul was serious about dropping lots of songs in near future. But he has proven us all wrong. As he has released yet another song Dummy ft. Tv Gucci. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or download it through iTunes Store. Though we obviously don’t need an introduction to Jake Paul because we know him really well. But a lot of people are not familiar with the rapper TV Gucci. He is a hip-hop artist who is linked with Drake’s music label ‘Ovo Sound’. And they are really good friends as well.

Jake posted the BTS from this song on his second YouTube channel ‘Jake Paul Random‘. And we think it’s the first time he is posting something like this. And this BTS video How Jake Paul Made His New Song “DUMMY”  is an answer to all those people who keep asking him if his songs are written by a ghostwriter.

Jake Paul & Tv Gucci’s new song ‘Dummy’ has sick lyrics

Alright, so Jake started working on this song last year on 10th September in Toronto. Where he just sat in a music studio with a bunch of talented people. And went through all of his previous song-lyrics. And then for the music beats, he took help from TV Gucci.

So I am still confused if they picked the beats first or wrote the lyrics later. But overall the song is super lit. And I laughed so hard when TV Gucci asked Jake to not say ‘Yeah’ too much.

And what’s confusing me, even more, is that Jake posted this song on his other YouTube channel ‘Jake Paul Music’. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why a lot of fans don’t know about it.

Anyway, let’s see what Dummy is all about.

“Flew like, bi*ch, from outta town but I don’t think she got a visa, yeah

Work boy on the track like Justin Bieber.”

Umm, okay so we don’t really know who is Jake referring to by the word ‘bit*h’. But we do know that there are a lot of similarities between Jake Paul and Justin Bieber. And they work hard on their music.

“Used to think this shit was sweet, now I’m the man, so I don’t need ’em, yeah.’

Okay, so Jake is not up for the sweet things anymore because he has finally decided to act like a grown man. But wait, he was spotted with Erika a few weeks ago. Stop confusing us man.

“She gon’ eat this di*k up like it’s dinner

Know I’m winnni’. all my bit*hes bad like I rode with the Jenners.”

Oh wait, are you throwing shade at the Jenners? That’s so not nice of you Jake.

What fans are saying?

While a lot of fans are praising Jake for putting up some effort in writing the song all by himself. Some of them are really disappointed.

“This song was definitely not as fire as fresh outta London song.”

Though I haven’t heard 6ix9ine’s Gooba and Dummy. But a lot of fans think Jake’s Dummy is giving the same vibes. Let us know in the comments down below what do you guys think about Jake’s new single with Tv Gucci?

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