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Anne Heche Opens Up About Dating Ellen DeGeneres

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Anne Heche, a 51-year-old actress, was one of the first few people to have paved the way for equal LGBTQ rights. And it all started back in 1997 when she was dating popular television host, Ellen DeGeneres.

Anne Heche, while speaking about her last performance on Dancing with the Stars, could not help but recall her time with Ellen. After landing in the bottom two for two consecutive weeks, she was eliminated from the show. However, as her last performance, she performed a Paso Doble. During her performance, she unveiled a rainbow-colored outfit to represent her own journey.

“Can you believe that transformation? Star-Spangled Banner for gay rights,” said Anne, who revealed her “inner showgirl” through her last performance.

While she was preparing for this dance during rehearsals, Anne took us back in time. She opened up about what it was like to be in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. This was the era when an open same-sex relationship was not common at all.

Anne Heche Gives Details About Her Time With Ellen DeGeneres

Anne revealed that she wanted to take Ellen as her date for the premiere of her movie, ‘Volcano’. However, she was told by Fox that if she did that, she would lose her Fox contract. According to Anne, Ellen took her hand and told her to do what they said. However, Anne did not want to be pushed to do something she did not want to.

So, she took Ellen and was ushered out of her own premiere before the movie was even over. She was also not allowed to go to her own after-party out of fear that there would be pictures taken of her with another woman.

Anne claimed that Ellen had warned her this was going to happen. And for the entirety of their relationship, which was three and a half years, the stigma attached to an open same-sex relationship ruined Anne’s career. She was fired from her multi-million dollar picture deal and was not allowed to work in studio films for 10 years. All because of her decision to be with a woman.

While she was reflecting on the moment of being ushered out of her own premiere, Anne Heche told People it was “one of my proudest things that I wear as a badge of honor.”

“The moment it happened to me years ago would never happen today,” Anne says. “I didn’t know then but I know now I moved the needle forward.”

What If Things Had Happened Differently?

However, even though she is proud of what she did, Anne admitted to wondering what would have happened if she had taken Ellen’s advice and done things differently. Anne said, “Hell yeah. And that is the fork in the road that we always take.”

However, Anne and Ellen did not stay in touch. And neither has Anne talked to her in years. But she was grateful to Dancing with the Stars for giving her the opportunity to open up about that chapter of her life.

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