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Why Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber Skipped the 2020 Billboard Music Awards

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So a lot of fans were concerned about Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber because they didn’t make an appearance on the BBMAs. Justin was nominated in four different categories. And he was lucky enough to win the best country song award as well. Though it’s not like Justin was not attending the BBMAs for the first time. He was a no show in 2017’s BBMAs as well. So it’s safe to say that he has a history of missing big events. Or maybe he had some other plans.

Oh wait, they actually do. Hailey and Justin just flew out to New York. But why? Maybe because Justin had to prep for his Friday’s Saturday Night Live performance. And we cannot wait to see it. Plus, there is also a possibility that the couple missed the BBMAs because of the pandemic. Or maybe because he was working on his new song ‘Lonely’ with Jacob Tremblay and Benny Blanco.

So what is Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber up to these days?

Well, the couple just flew out to New York a few hours ago. And Justin is busy rehearsing for his Saturday Night Live performance. Though we don’t really know how many songs he is going to perform.


You can see fans are going crazy in the comments section for SNL’s this week’s episode. Oh, and there is also a possibility that Justin will be performing his new song ‘Lonely’ which will premiere in a few hours.

You can watch a little snippet of ‘Lonely’ in case you haven’t seen it yet. Oh, and did you guys check Justin’s Drewhouse collab with Crocs? It’s totally sick.

This limited-time edition was stocked twice and is currently sold out. But we are hoping that there will be a third batch of restocking like real soon. And what I am going to share next is a little disturbing. We all love some privacy. But sometimes it gets really hard for people to understand that these celebrities also have a private life. And they crave for some privacy from their fans and Paparazzi.

Justin Bieber

It’s really not okay. The other day I was going through some social media tabloids and found out that they were trying to gain Hailey’s attention for the past couple of weeks. But she always tries to get in her car as fast as she can before answering any irrelevant questions which are asked by the reporters.

Anyways, Paparazzi is never going to let anybody out of their sight. Anyways, you guys need to check out Hailey’s new social media posts. She is urging fans to cast their vote for a better future.

Uhh, well. It’s actually really hot. Anyways, let us know in the comment down below if you have cast your vote yet.

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