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Tana Mongeau shocked seeing Kelly Osbourne with Griffin Johnson

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While Dixie D’Amelio has moved on in her life with ex-boyfriend’s friend, Noah Beck. The ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson has decided to create more music after the diss track he made on Dixie. Does it has something to do with the meeting everyone is talking about these days? In case you missed it, Griffin was seen coming out from a restaurant with Kelly Osbourne. And who is surprised the most? It’s not Dixie, it’s Tana Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau wanted to join Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson?

Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne went out for dinner Wednesday night. And many fans are still trying to figure out what they were doing together. Since his breakup with Dixie D’Amelio, Griffin Johnson has been focusing on his content creation. The Sway boys have started many podcasts with famous celebrities. They are also posting regular vlogs to entertain their fans while showing their mature sides in the podcasts.

Griffin has also started his musical career as a joke, but decided to pursue it and create more parodies in the coming days. He wants to release another track this year if the legal stuff gets sorted out soon.

Meanwhile, no one knew he is in talks with Kelly Osbourne. That is why Kevin Wong, famous celebrity photographer, and other tabloids were shocked to see them coming out of dinner. All of them started the rapid fire questions round with Kelly and Griffin, wanting to confirm if they were dating. They even asked Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson to kiss and make it official.


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more footage of Griffin and Kelly Osbourne out last night!👀 creds: @iamkevinwong

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However, they did not kiss, or respond to the questions. Instead, Griffin drove the car away with Kelly while the cameras tried to follow them. As soon as the video went viral, Tana Mongeau could not stop herself from joining the confused party.


Tana Mongeau react

Possible response from Kelly?

The internet is divided into two groups again. One who is shipping Griffin Johnson with Kelly Osbourne. The second, that is highlighting the age gap without even knowing whether it was a date or just a dinner between friends. There is a chance that Griffin Johnson might be planning a collaboration with Kelly. However, the curious side of the internet wants to ship them together and see where the couple goes from here.

Will Tana Mongeau get the answer she needs after seeing Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne together? We do not think so. However, there is a shady Instagram story posted by Kelly Osbourne, that might be an answer to all the curious minds out there, including Tana Mongeau.

Kelly Osbourne

Griffin Johnson has not posted anything suspicious about the whole scenario. Stay tuned for more updates.


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