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Elton John admits his privilege, sharing he spent Lockdown in ‘nice house with a garden’

He also admits that he is "so much luckier than most".

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Back when the lockdown began, Sir Elton John had to cancel his Farewell Yello Brick Road Tour. Although it was a sour point for not only Sir Elton, he admits that he has been lucky. This is because he spent the lockdown in a lot more comforts than most people around the world did. In the process, he also admitted to his privilege. Here’s what he said.

Elton John recognizes his privilege

Elton John admits his privilege, sharing he spent Lockdown in ‘nice house with a garden’
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While talking on the BBC’s The One Show, Sir Elton talked about life in the lockdown. It gave him the opportunity to spend more time with his husband, David Furnish, and their sons Zachery and Elijah. In fact, he spent more time with them than he did ever before. But, he admitted his privilege, saying how much better he had it than most people:

I’m so much luckier than most people because I have a nice house, a nice garden and a lot of people don’t have that luxury and my heart goes out to everyone who can’t do that.

Despite the privilege, Sir Elton John admits that abandoning the tour and going into lockdown was still quite strange. In fact, he still hasn’t gotten over it yet, further saying:

It was odd at first I must admit, it was a very strange time. We were in the middle of an express train tour that came to a grinding halt but, we’ve gotten over it and we can’t do anything about it.

In the end, Sir Elton John was still hopeful that some probable vaccine will eventually make the world immune to COVID-19. However, we all need to be “patient” before that, said the Rocketman:

We’ve just got to be very patient now and hopefully, soon something will come up and make people immune and we can all go back to our jobs and life again. We’ve got to be patient.

His biopic and the upcoming autobiography

Other than the lockdown, Sir Elton John has been in the news for many reasons. Firstly, his autobiography is stirring a lot of pots. Firstly, the book and his biopic, Rocketman, prompted his ex-wife to sue him for £3 million. Secondly, in that book, he will finally address his famous feud with Rod Stewart, which ended a decades-long friendship. Moreover, he also opened up about his last live performance on stage with the late John Lennon at the Madison Square Gardens. When you’ve lived a life like Elton John, you can never run out of stories to tell. But, it’s also good to realize that despite the stardom, he recognizes his privilege and takes steps to use it for the betterment of others.

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