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Amy Schumer Supports Rihanna for Cancelling Superbowl Performance

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For all those who did not know, Colin Kaepernick was expelled from all NFL adventures. And that’s because the star player refused to stand up during the national anthem as a protest. There has been much of a controversy ever since then. But Kaepernick is not alone in his struggles. A lot many popular celebrities and artists have voiced their support for him. Recently, Rihanna cancelled her Super Bowl performance to show her support for Colin Kaepernick. Amy Schumer followed Rihanna by announcing that she will not do any Super Bowl commercials. And even urged Maroon 5 to move out of the NFL’s Super Bowl invite.

Rihanna Cancels Super Bowl Performance

Rihanna recently turned down the offer to headline the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII. Considering that the singer is planning on a new album and tour, the opportunity would have been great for her. But she wanted to stand in support of the disgraced Colin Kaepernick, and said no because she does not agree with NFL’s stance on the kneeling controversy. Rihanna has not commented on the whole scenario, and neither did Kaepernick’s representatives respond to a comment request. The band Maroon 5 and special guests are already on board for the Super Bowl performance.

Amy Schumer Steps In With Support

Amy Schumer has followed Rihanna’s footsteps announcing that she will not be doing any Super Bowl commercials this year. It might be sacrificing a lot of privilege and opposing the NFL is fairly tough but being proud of how one is living mattered to her. She asked everybody to stand up for people of color.

After Rihanna declined her offer of the Super Bowl performance, Amy Schumer took to social media to urge others to replicate the spirit. She urged the band Maroon 5 who had accepted the offer to back out of performing. And asked them to kneel next to their brothers. Her Instagram post also questioned how white players are not kneeling. Especially after witnessing police brutality, and endless inequality and racism. After claiming that she will not do any Super Bowl commercials this year, she said that hitting the NFL with advertisers was the only real way to hurt them.

Amy Schumer has long been known for expressing what she believes in. Only recently, she was arrested for the Brett Kavanaugh protests she participated in. And now voicing support for Colin Kaepernick and also Rihanna is something we totally expected out of her.

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