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Halloween Prepares To Make Venom Bite Dust

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Recently, Venom made the biggest October opening of all time. Considering the newfound awareness of the film’s soullessness, the numbers are not really expected to grow. The Venom had set a record. But, it is only a matter of time before Halloween surpasses it in the financial race. The classic Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode- Micael Myers rivalry has made headlines in its debut weekend.  And it is expected that the movie will soon seize the box-office crown from The Venom.

Halloween To Beat Venom’s Record

This Universal rendition of John Carpenter’s work stars Jamie Lee Curtis once again in the lead role. And, it is heading for an estimated $80 million from 3,928 North American locations in its first weekend. To gain an edge over “Venom’s” $80.255 million opening three weeks ago, Halloween will have to rapidly grow at the same pace. And only this way, it will beat the October record.

The Jamie Lee Curtis Box Office Extravaganza

The Halloween franchise has until now grossed $47 million from a production budget of $325,000. So, if logically put, the 2018 version has made more fortune than its ancestors run. Jamie Lee Curtis is indeed the luck charm for Halloween. The movie starting from a 10 million budget, overnight tripled the returns. And the lucrative gross is off nearly 800%. This is norm-breaking for Hollywood box-office trends.  This sequel is being released at a time when the horror genre, is raking in blockbuster grosses. Usually a domain for small-budget films, Hollywood has developed a fresh taste for big budget horror films.

Halloween currently holds an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, a major feat for Jamie Lee Curtis movie. Jamie Lee Curtis said the movie deals with trauma. The movie has garnered favorable reviews. And even the most critical analysts have put the movie in the ‘tilts towards good’ corner. As for Venom, a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes probably speaks enough volumes.

The Heavenly Prospects

Halloween comes from the stables of Blumhouse. The same production house that pushed the Paranormal Activity franchise into a pool of endless sterling. Secondly, Jamie Lee Curtis was convinced by Jake Gyllenhaal in the most astounding way to do the movie. As all these aspects joined together, the blended well to make a movie that is doing both critically and financially well. The surreal prospects are undeniable. And evidently, paranormal forces have joined hands to put Halloween as a formidable box-office competition to the Venom.

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