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Neal Brennan, who defended Chris D’Elia, suggests Underage Claudia Conway to start OnlyFans

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It’s already bizarre enough to defend Chris D’Elia amid his sexual misconduct controversy. But, to then suggest an underage girl start an OnlyFans, even as a joke, is just ludicrous. Sadly, that’s exactly what Netflix comedian Neal Brennan did.

Neal Brennan, who is also a co-creator of Comedy Central’s hit series “Chappelle’s Show,” wrote in a fairly gross tweet, saying:
Claudia Conway should make an Onlyfans for White House intel.

As most of you know, OnlyFans is a content subscription website. Content creators use this website to earn money for any kind of content that their audience is willing to pay for. However, sex workers often use OnlyFans to sell pornography. In fact, OnlyFans has pretty much become the porn capital of the world. Therefore, what Neal Brennan is suggesting Claudia Conway do becomes questionable. Though, he is clarifying that the content should be for ‘White House intel’, it could be misconstrued into something else.

The Claudia Conway TikTok saga

Claudia Conway is the daughter of former White House staff member Kellyanne Conway, who is also a close aide to Donald Trump. Neal Brennan’s tweet came after Kellyanne’s left-leaning daughter, Claudia, went on TikTok and spilled some incredible White House secrets. These included the news of Kellyanne contracting COVID-19 and then revealing that Trump is not doing well after being discharged from the Walter Reed hospital. Basically, Claudia Conway became the most reliable source of information down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, Neal Brennan decided to pass an off-colored remark on the 15-year-old to make an OnlyFans page. Normally, people would ignore something like this. But then, you remember that Brennan also took Chris D’Elia’s side when underage girls accused the latter of making sexual advances on them.

When Neal Brennan defended Chris D’Elia

Neal Brennan, who defended Chris D'Elia, suggests Underage Claudia Conway to start OnlyFans
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Back in June, Brennan was the only one to show some kind of lenience towards Chris D’Elia. Multiple women came forward and accused D’Elia of sexual misconduct, including harassment. Moreover, many of those women were minors at the time. When news broke out, most of the comedians called out D’Elia, expressing full solidarity with the victims. At the very least, they distanced themselves from D’Elia. However, Neal Brennan only talked about the due process of law at that point, tweeting:

I believe in due process.


Brennan also tweeted later, which he promptly deleted, saying:

If anyone can show me conclusive proof that Chris D’Elia solicited women that he knew were underage, I will donate $1000 (per incident) to the Rape and incest national network.

However, you can’t really escape the screenshot feature from modern-day smartphones. And they keep reminding Neal Brennan to start donating and post the receipts.

Despite that, Brennan was still adamant about seeing conclusive evidence before calling Chris D’Elia a pedophile. What he fails to take into account are the multiple women that have accused D’Elia of sexual misconduct, and the fact that it is extremely difficult for victims to come up with evidence. Not everyone carries a camera on their heads. And many of the victims did come forward with screenshots of the incidents. Therefore, these tweets by Brennan are in bad taste. And then, when you accompany that with his recent tweet suggesting an underage girl make an OnlyFans page, makes it worse.

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