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Ian Somerhalder gets a drive-in COVID test!

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I think that we all agree that this world is a crazy place to be at the moment. Pandemic, wildfires, war, and, most worrisome of all, the US elections – 2020 has seen it all. Celebrities have had some inspiring and entertaining approaches towards these troubles. In the latest of my new section ‘Celebrities’ take on 2020’, we see our favorite vampire out to get a COVID test. Wow! I never thought those words could be used in the same sentence.

Ian Somerhalder explains what the experience of a drive-through test was like

Ian Somerhalder, aka Damon Salvatore, recently took a Drive-thru COVID test and shared his experience with his fans in an Instagram video. You could see that he appeared visibly nervous even when half his face was hidden under a mask. “I’m kind of nervous. It’s kind of like taking your driver’s test, but for a deadly disease. WEIRD,” he exclaimed while waiting to get his sample taken. I can imagine that the procedure was not very pleasant as the actor wittingly captioned his drive-thru experience and video as, “Not the same as getting fries and a shake…”.

Incidentally, Ian Somerhalder also suggested a way to make the wait less worrisome – “Idea: What about drive-in COVID testing? Watch a flick while you wait for results. We’re doing @kissthegroundmovie. Drive-in movies all over the country! Win-win!”, he said. Well, If I have to wait, it might as well be while watching a good movie. I am all in for his suggestion.

With the number of COVID cases increasing uncontrollably, and half the White House infected, it is critically important that we follow the protocols held in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Our favorite celebrities stepping forward in masks, preventing gatherings, and getting tested in case of suspicion is a way to motivate people like us. By the way, Ian Somerhalder’s test turned out to be negative, so no need to worry.

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