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Where Is The Good Place Season 3 Going?

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Question: What is the best comedy season on the air right now? Answer: Undoubtedly, The Good Place Season 3. Michael Schur’s divine comedy never falls short on inventive gags, satirical renditions, and jokes. And to some extent on moral lessons too, but that is another topic. With the mythological intricacy of Lost jam-packed in a half hour episode, there are as many Easter eggs as one can decide on finding. Megan Amran has recently donned the writer’s cap again for the show.  And, the recent episodes are blistering with boisterous spirits. We are already halfway through. And we are quite frankly, highly excited about the way the story is shaping up. For instance, the latest episode six  Jeremy Bearimy is all the reasons why we love The Good Place.

For two seasons, The Good Place clashed on well on its ‘Humans are doomed’ gag. In season 3; however, it realized it could do even better placing heavenly bodies on Earth. Practically, now no less than a virtual doom. Michael and Janet have been shrugged to a narrative corner. And for them, the escape out of the complex trap will happen only if they walk on thorns, or somehow circumvent between them Something they can pretty much do if they think about it. The fiasco for them is that even if the cockroach squad is made aware of the experiment, it will yield no results. The intention to do well has been lost. And there is no motive whatsoever to be bad. As Michael says “Sorry for eternally dooming you guys”, and Janet follows. “That’s our bad guys”.

The Good Place Season 3 is; however, thankfully aware of the directions it can take. When you can’t make good for yourself, make things good for others. Or at least, try not to make things worse for others. Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason, basically build upon the same principle and pace forward with their noble intentions.

Tahani initially dips a toe into the waters of anonymous philanthropy, giving $2 million to the Sydney Opera, with the request that they do not name anything after her. “As lovely as it would be to add to my collection of wings and atria.” Jason later encourages her that it would be of more meaning if she just distributes money linearly among the ones who actually desperately need it. Jason even does his list of whom he thinks are needy: the dumpster-diver, the street violinist who can now buy “a bigger chin-guitar,” the pram-pushing mother to whom Tahani asks, “Are you poor?”

Jason even reminisces that when he was just scraping by, stacks of cash like the ones they’re handing out would have meant “I could’ve gone to a real doctor, instead of pretending I was a big dog so I could go to the vet.” They are making a river out of their own tiny droplets. Yet, their assembly counts. For Jason and Tahani things eventually, take a blissful turn as they eventually end up marrying. Pardon me for losing track of the number of times they have done this. Trust me, its sacredly complicated.

Things for Eleanor and Chidi were more wallow than they were for Tahani and Jason. They have often been this way often on The Good Place Season 3. They were up to their regular antics, the despondency, the nihilism, the isolation. Chidi was even munching on a bowl of Chili and Candy. But things yet again took a celestial turn when Eleanor’s quest to do a final good deed turned over a new leaf. She returns a lost wallet to its owner. And there, the man cries at a drawing made by his daughter that he takes out from his wallet. Season 3 is on a risky road of drastic changes for The Good Place. But we can safely tell that the destination is triumph.

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