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Jeffree Star Is Putting A Stop To Dating?

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It’s been almost 12 days since the whole Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold drama started. So let me just give you guys a quick insight into the whole story. A few weeks ago Jeffree Star started seeing this guy ‘Andre Marhold’ who happens to be an ex-basketball player and CEO of a modeling agency. They went on a couple of dates and flew out to Jeffree’s Wyoming house twice. Things started going down the hill when Jeffree got to know that Andre has been lying to him throughout their not-so-serious relationship.

So the beauty mogul decided to end things with him and sent him home. Then after a few days, Jeffree accused Andre of stealing some expensive accessories from his house on his Instagram and Snapchat Stories. And then some fake accounts spread rumors about their relationship, threatening Jeffree Star,

Andre’s baby mama and Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt were also dragged in this whole situation. And now after being MIA for almost 2 weeks, Jeffree Star finally addressed the Andre Marhold situation. And said that he will be putting a full stop on dating.

Jeffree Star quits dating following the Andre Marhold drama

It’s been almost two months since Jeffree has been MIA on his YouTube channel. His last video was about the new makeup collection ‘OR*Y‘. And now he is finally back on his YouTube channel with the latest video initially titled ‘I’m NEVER Dating Again… We Need To Talk.’ It was later changed to ‘I Have Some REALLY Bad News’.

Jeffree Star shares with his fans about how chaotic everything has been in his life recently:

“The last few weeks have been a really crazy whirlwind. I was recently hanging out with someone. Some would call it dating, some would call it fuc*ing.”

Jeffree further added that he is not seeing Andre anymore. And he told his fans to not believe everything they see online. Because Andre is still pretending to act like everything is normal between him and Jeffree. There were some BBQ videos from Jeffree’s place and then some from the master bathroom on Andre’s social media accounts.

Moreover, Jeffree Star also addressed the fake account drama. There are literally more than 4-5 accounts in Andre’s name on Instagram. And they are all fake. But this one account _amarxiii stood out from the rest as it was spreading a lot of heinous rumors about Jeffree.

“Now, most people have common sense. And they know it wasn’t real but it was convincing for a minute. And now they are scamming people out of money. It turned to a whole crazy legal thing.”

Apparently, the accounts are scamming people in the name of cheap promos. And then there is a cash app incident going on which is also spam. Plus, the person who claimed that Jeffree Star had AIDS is being legally prosecuted for spreading false rumors.

It must be noted here that this is just Jeffree’s side of the story. We don’t know Andre Marhold’s site as of yet. The real Andre Marhold did try to clear things up by telling people to report the fake accounts. However, along with that, Andre Marhold is also asking people to subscribe to his YouTube channel where he claims he will reveal some secrets on Jeffree Star. So, this is where Andre is losing credibility.

A lot of fans are also speculating that Andre’s friends are involved in this current drama. And they are helping him to gain maximum clout by making these fake accounts on his name. Let us know what are your views on this matter? Do you think it’s possible? Jeffree didn’t mention the reason for this sudden breakup and he didn’t even mention the robbery.

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