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Lady Gaga’s Mesmerizing “I’ll Never Love Again” Performance

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Just three weeks ago Lady Gaga’s musical marvel, ‘A Star Is Born’, opened in cinemas. The film got a tremendously positive response. And with a pocketful box-office collection, the film managed to gain an 8.4 rating on IMDB. The credit for this acclamation goes to its solid plot, and superb acting. Last but not the least, the unrivaled musical scores from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave a kick to its success. It’s apparent that the movie is going to be listed among the musical knockouts of 2018.

Lady Gaga releases I’ll Never Love Again for A Star Is Born

To incorporate extra fêtes to the movie’s prodigious success, Lady Gaga has released the melodic video of the film’s ultimate track, “I’ll Never Love Again.” The video is available on Apple Music, featuring Gaga-as-Ally. The video is a rhythmic work of art, covering footages and flashbacks from the movie. These clips are symmetrically configured. And these reflect some precious moments of Ally with her husband Jackson (Bradley Cooper).

The story of winning and losing in love is portrayed in “I’ll Never Love Again”. The last song from the movie supplies sentiments in the film’s soundtrack. It is completely diverse from the last release, “Shallow”, which hyped the film’s promo. Eventually, becoming the A Star Is Born’s signature element. “Shallow” will undoubtedly place the film in the ‘best-original-song category’. Whereas, “I’ll Never Love Again” is an auspiciously soothing ballad outlining  Lady Gaga ’s singing brilliance.

Lady Gaga wrote “I’ll Never Love Again,” with Hillary Lindsey, Natalie Hemby, and Aaron Raitiere. A very depressing story is connected with the shooting of this song for A Star Is Born. This made Lady Gaga utter all tears in her voice.

Just when she was ready to shoot the song, she got the news of her friend’s critical condition. Her friend Sonja Durham, a victim of terminal stage cancer, was taking her last few breaths. When she reached her friend’s destination leaving the shoots, everything was over. Sonja had died.

Bradley Cooper Lends His Support To Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga regrets mournfully that she tried to reach her dying friend the earliest. But, all in vain. Lady Gaga wept.

“I didn’t even stop to go see Bradley Cooper; I just got in my car and started driving. And I missed her by 10 minutes.”

Sonja’s husband convinced Gaga to return and complete her task. Thus with teary eyes and an aching heart, I’ll Never Love Again” reached the air. Lady Gaga praises Bradley Cooper for his support. He gave her strength to perform amidst all gloom, for A Star Is Born.

The graceful singer/actress shared a clip of the video with her fans on Twitter, Friday night. In a glimpse of time, the video hit various social media platforms. Grossing over 1.9 million views and over 10,000 comments. Thus, adding to the triumph of A Star Is Born.

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