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Emma Watson Supports Trans Rights In GRA Reform

Emma Watson Comes Out In Support For Trans Rights In The UK By Wearing A T-shirt

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In a recent photograph shared on Twitter and Instagram, Emma Watson was seen striking a defiant pose while wearing a simple white T-shirt with a slogan for trans rights. The actress and activist has demonstrated that her feminism is indeed inter-sectional. She did that by voicing her opinion for the transgender rights movement at a crucial moment. It’s an iconic moment in time when UK’s history as activists call for a reform to the GRA of 2004.

Emma Watson Is As Influential As They Get

Emma has used fashion once again to express her feminist views. She previously flashed a #TimesUp temporary tattoo at the Oscars as well. The slogan on her white t-shirt reads, “Trans Rights are Human Rights”. In the caption underneath Emma also copied the handles of several trans and LGBT organizations.

Her supporters applaud her for taking a stand for trans rights. She has proven herself to be a faithful trans ally. She has also inspired others to have their voices heard as well in the upcoming GRA reforms.

A Crucial Time For Trans Rights In the UK

Emma Watson’s is showing support for trans at an integral moment in time. Trans rights activists in the UK are urging members of the public to suggest improvements to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA). The GRA was once a groundbreaking piece of LGBT equality legislation. It allowed people with gender dysphoria to change their legal gender.

The campaigners of the movement are requesting the government to update the GRA and give trans individuals the right to self-determine their gender without having to win the approval of a panel of physicians whom they have never met in person.

However, even though enormous support has been amassed by trans rights and LGBT activists, there’s still major retaliation from social conservatives and even female rights activists.

Female rights activists who oppose these trans-friendly reforms claim that these new reforms will violate the rights they have fought for themselves. Some less inter-sectional feminists also argue that allowing trans people to self-determine their gender could allow predatory men to enter female-only spaces.

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