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Jake Paul Using Shane Dawson To Hint At A New Team 10?

Team 10 Social Media Wiped Clean After Shane Dawson’s Docuseries With Jake Paul Ends

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The Team 10 you might have grown to love are now officially over. During Shane Dawson’s docuseries, Jake Paul hinted that there might be some new changes coming to Team 10 in the future.

Soon afterwards, all of the Team 10 social media was wiped clean and the profile photo was changed to an ominous black circle instead of the usual group photograph of the entire Team 10.
All that remained was a cryptic message on Instagram announcing a “new team” coming soon.

Whatever that means…

Jake Paul Tells Shane That Team 10 Used Him

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Team 10 is falling apart. Numerous issues pertaining the Team were recently highlighted in Shane Dawson’s eight part docuseries, aptly named “The Mind Of Jake Paul”. Shane Dawson even said that Jake needs to live a more normal life and maybe Team 10 isn’t as good for him as he thinks it is.

In one of the episodes Jake Paul openly spoke about how he felt like the members of Team 10 had betrayed him. He claimed that former friends and Team 10 vloggers took advantage of his resources even after they had left the team.

Jake Paul said that he believes that the former members of Team 10 didn’t realize they had used him. He claims that when they joined the team he provided them with a lot. He gave them managers, agents, money, fame, a place to live, editors, cameramen, brand deals and other various utilities. Thus, when Team 10 members later wondered why Jake Paul was taking 10% of their earnings they got upset. And said that they had achieved everything by their own hard work and could do it all by themselves.

As of now, no one knows for sure if Team 10 is completely dying. Or if it’s a mere lineup change. Or whether it’s going to be replaced with something else entirely?

R.I.P Team 10

In 2016, Jake Paul started Team 10. They’re mostly knowing for pulling insane pranks and outrageous stunts such as setting stuff on fire in a pool). The original members of Team 10 were Jake Paul, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins, AJ Mitchell, Nick Crompton, Chance Sutton, Tessa Brooks and Alex Lange.

The only member that still remains from the original line-up is Jake Paul. Most members from the original team left because of the toxic environment of the house. Many say the environment occurred due to Jake’s father, Greg entered the picture.

The current team line-up includes Jake, along with Anthony Trujillo, Erika Costell, Chad Tepper, Ben Hampton and Justin Roberts.

Jake Paul has previously used moments of media coverage to announce his future projects (his upcoming clothing line at the boxing match with Deji), so maybe his docuseries with Shane Dawson was all a ploy to get viewers talking about him. Thus, whenever he would announce a future project it would cause major media buzz.

And maybe that’s exactly what’s happening now as he dissolves the old Team 10 and replaces it with something new entirely?

There are already so many conspiracies surrounding this new announcement that Shane would be proud!

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