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America is obsessing over the Fly on Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential Debate

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Before the Vice-President debate began, everyone was hoping to see the points Kamala Harris and Mike Pence would raise. America wanted to see who would put in a stand out performance or deal a knockout blow to their opponent. After all, the first Presidential Debate was crazier than anyone expected, and not in a good way. However, it’s a fly that stole the show in this debate. A carefree and seemingly unaware fly sat on Mike Pence’s head for two straight minutes as he was speaking. Yes, it is as insane as it sounds.

The fly that won the debate by sitting on Mike Pence’s head

America is obsessing over the Fly on Mike Pence head during the Vice Presidential Debate

If you don’t believe us, then see it for yourself. That’s Mike Pence’s head from the Vice-President Debate:

And as expected, this unidentified fly took over the internet, especially Twitter. The word “flies” began trending on the social media app. Moreover, many people were quick to highlight on Twitter that flies mostly always sat on feces.

Moreover, many were quick to point out that Mike Pence also had red-eye. And what’s really concerning is that red or pink eye can be a symptom of the Coronavirus. Ahead of the debate, Pence tested negative for COVID-19, putting him among the lucky ones those who had been in contact with Donald Trump. Out of the entire debate, it’s a fly and the red-eye that made the news.

What’s even more ironic is that the fly sat on Pence’s head right at the moment when he said systemic racism did not exist in America. That is like, poetic justice in many ways if you’re a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

And if you think this is funny, the fly now also has its own Twitter account – Mike Pence’s Fly. And the fly was absolutely killing it on Twitter:




Joe Biden makes full use of the fly

After becoming a celebrity on Twitter, the fly is also joining ranks with the Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Why wouldn’t Joe Biden approach the fly? It single-handedly won Kamala Harris the debate against Mike Pence. Moreover, Joe Biden was filled with puns on his official Twitter account, as you can see below:

Interestingly, the website flywillvote.com redirects you to a website where Americans can register to vote. Therefore, the fly has become a symbol of democracy by helping America to vote. As for Mike Pence, it’s unfortunate that the debate turned into a “fly-by” for Kamala Harris. But, that’s what happens when you deny that systemic racism exists in America. It has been at the center of news ever since Trump became the President of the US. And by now, Americans should realize that systemic racism isn’t a matter of perspective, it’s a fact.

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