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Josh Brolin says ‘Deadpool 2’ was like a business transaction compared to ‘Avengers’

The actor believes working on Deadpool was more like a chore.

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Josh Brolin has truly set the standards for playing the ultimate comic book villains. Playing Thanos for the MCU in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame and playing Cable in Deadpool 2 is no easy feat. However, Brolin does describe his work experience on the two projects to be completely different. Interestingly enough, it was working on Deadpool that felt more like a chore to him, compared to Avengers! And it’s especially odd, considering Brolin had to wear so much CGI gear and the massive budget and stakes involved at Avengers compared to Deadpool.

Avengers was more fun to work on than Deadpool 2!

Josh Brolin says 'Deadpool 2' was like a business transaction compared to 'Avengers'
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While talking on the Team Deakins Podcast, Josh Brolin talked about how different it was working on the two films. He said:

Deadpool was hard. Even though it was funny, it was harder. That was more of a business transaction, it was more, ‘We need to make this like this,’ which I didn’t feel that way with Avengers. With those directors, they would constantly go back and reference Scarface or Dog Day Afternoon. Whether or not it was a manipulation, they knew what to throw out there to bring it back into something inspired.

Despite the mega-budget, Josh Brolin really enjoyed working on the Avengers with the Russo Brothers. Moreover, both of them had the same idea of how Thanos as a character should have worked. Brolin further said:

I mentioned Brando in Apocalypse Now, this guy who is very elusive and insane but what he is saying makes sense and is poetical, I started seeing the parallel which I liked for me. I loved being able to resort to a film like Apocalypse Now when I was doing something like Avengers.

How Thanos came naturally to Josh Brolin

Even though the CGI and motion capture gear was a nuisance, it helped Josh Brolin know what he was doing right or wrong with the character on the spot. Bringing Thanos into life on the Avengers was not easy. But, with so much help for Brolin, it just came naturally to him. Brolin further mentioned:

The more I watched it, the more I realized this is a real guy. This is not a big purple guy this is a guy with insides and cells and feelings. Then it became fun. To me, it was like going to do 1970s black box theater in New York. You totally resort to your imagination. It is absolutely behavioral, if not more than other movies.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing Josh Brolin as Thanos in the MCU’s Avengers anytime soon. However, we might get lucky to catch his cameo in some movies, like The Eternals. Marvel can pull it off by showing us the origin of the Titans, the race that Thanos belongs to. That is something that Marvel has done in the past and could very much do in the future.

As far as Deadpool 2 is concerned, Brolin may not have enjoyed that film as much as the Avengers. However, his role was still very fun and memorable for all the Deadpool fans out there. But, it looks a bit unlikely for him to return with the character in Deadpool 3. Before Disney acquired Fox studios, the sequels looked very much on the table. But, would Disney place their bets on an R-rated film? Recent interviews by creator Rob Liefeld and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds suggest otherwise. You can listen to Josh Brolin’s entire interview on the podcast here.

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