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Ariana-Pete Breakup Row: Sweetener Didn’t Dissolve

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From a bomb blast in her concert to the overdose death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and now her split with Pete Davidson, all have put Ariana Grande in the headlines. But, for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately. The breakup, coming after an intense five month engagement, has raised several eyebrows. It is undoubtedly a difficult phase for both, Ariana Grande, and Pete Davidson. And amidst these hard-bitten times, internet troll – and its vast pastures of Fake News- are only making things more difficult for the duo.

There is a lot of poignancy around right now. While Pete Davidson is being falsely accused of causing Mac Miller ‘s death. Ariana Grande too is suffering a harsh fate after her breakup has undermined the context of her new album.

The Hope In Ariana Grande ‘s Sweetener Has Evaporated

Ariana Grande, since the unfortunate bomb blast at her concert last year, had released a new album Sweetener. Sweetener is just cheerful, lively music, which Ariana Grande claims to make life bearable and enjoyable. The best music of our age is often hidden in plain sight, and this I believe is the case with Popular artist Ariana Grande. The purpose of Sweetener was to educate combatting bitterness with sugar, dark with light, suffocation with breathing. It was more of the rejuvenation for Ariana Grande, post the apocalyptic horrors she has recently faced.

Fans Still Blame Pete Davidson For Mac Miller’s Death

Sweetener was pretty much a celebration of what the name suggested. It was about love, a tribute to a specific person, and containing a song named ‘Pete Davidson’. Throughout the album, the lyrics reinforced the idea of merriment. Ariana was fairly happy that her relationship with Pete Davidson happened quickly after she broke up with Mac Miller. This way the love and compassion salvaged her from the dooms of despondency. In Sweetener, Ariana Grande repeatedly expressed that Pete Davidson was her true soulmate. And now following her breakup fans have started disgustedly pointing out at the lyrics about Pete Davidson. And, they are sadly clearly expressive of their hatred for Pete Davidson.

One quoted;

“I thought you into my life (whoa), look at my mind (yuh)/ No better place or a time, (look) how they align/ Universe must have my back, fell from the sky into my lap/ And I know you know that you’re my soulmate and all that / I’m like ooh, ooh, my whole life got me ready for you, ooh, ooh.”

And later, he went all to express a sigh of relief over the breakup.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Reconciliation Rumors

What makes problems even worse are the speculations of reconciliation doing rounds. Fans believe that since Ariana Grande has mentioned that the Sweetener fever is not over yet, this may suggest that she would get back together with Pete Davidson to serve better the purpose of her album. The optimism Sweetener brought to the table, followed by embracing remarks from the couple were so profound that the present situation becomes kind of unbelievable.

In fact, Davidson joked about this on SNL in September. He said

“If we break up, and we won’t—we will—but we won’t. No, I’m kidding. But, like, in 10 years if, God forbid, that ever happened, there will be a song called ‘Pete Davidson,’ like, playing in speakers at Kmart, and I’ll be working there.”

A Sad Tragedy

It is genuinely hard to tell what the bigger tragedy is here. Public reactions to celebrity tragedies are becoming sadder, day by day. Perhaps, no one sees anything celebrities do other than being a publicity stunt. Secondly, we are scared about the trauma this saga will cause to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Apart from greatly undermining the message of overcoming Ariana left in the Sweetener, this break up has created a false alarm for all those blaming Grande for Mac Miller ‘s demise. We hope that the duo convalesces from this trauma soon.

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