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Alyssa Milano heartbroken after best friend’s uncle dies from Coronavirus

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Famous actress/activist Alyssa Milano is no stranger to COVID-19. Sadly, she has had to face a loss to the disease, as her best friend’s uncle passed away due to the Coronavirus. However, Milano is still quite adamant in her criticism of Donald Trump. She recently called out President Trump for his potentially-hazardous ride around his hospital.

The Charmed actress tweeted today, expressing how she was heartbroken:


Furthermore, many notable personalities paid their respects underneath Milano’s tweet. Fox News Presenter Dr. Jeena Greyson wrote underneath her tweet:

‘OMG….this is so sad. Much love to your best friend and family.’

Moreover, Nancy Sinatra also replied with her condolences.

Milano herself also tested positive for COVID-19 back in April, but only revealed the details in August. However, she has revealed how there are some after-effects of the virus, like hair fall.

Alyssa Milano calls out Trump for putting Secret Service agents’ lives in danger

Alyssa Milano heartbroken after best friend's uncle dies from Coronavirus
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Despite such a loss among her close friends, Alyssa Milano was still persistent in her criticism of President Donald Trump. After testing positive for COVID-19, Trump shifted to the Walter Reed Military Hospital to spend his time in quarantine. However, he recently took a ride around the Hospital in a black SUV to greet his supporters Sunday. However, he did so within a sealed SUV, with his Secret Service detail inside. This would put the lives of those agents in almost direct danger, as chances of spread in such a closed vehicle are extremely high. Milano tweeted:

I haven’t said an ill word about him since I heard about his diagnosis.

But what the fuck is he doing? Is he trying to kill people? He’s locked in a sealed SUV with members of secret service. No one told him this was a dangerous idea? A bad idea? A selfish idea?

However, Alyssa Milano is not the only one who called out Trump for this kind of reckless behavior. One of the physicians at Walter Reed also commented on how COVID-19 transmission is “as high as it gets” inside such sealed SUVs. He further said that the President’s “irresponsibility is astounding”.


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