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John Krasinski Writing Sequel for A Quiet Place

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It might just be one of the most cherished times in horror history. Huge box office success greeted the hyped horror thriller A Quiet Place. And now it’s almost returning back to the big screens another time. But what’s even better is that John Krasinski is penning down the script again. And we can definitely count on the sequel to be as exciting as the first one. Although Krasinski did not write A Quiet Place, he made some major passes in the script when he came on board as the director. So if anything the sequel has to be even better as he is writing it himself from scratch!

A Quiet Place successfully managed to bring in $334.5 million at the global box office when it released. The studio has already set the sequel for mid-May 2020. And that allows them plenty of time to figure out how things will go this time. At that time, it was not guaranteed that John Krasinski will get on board to write and direct this time. But during a question and answer session at Silver Screen Theater in Los Angeles, Krasinski himself shared that he was scripting a sequel for A Quiet Place. This wasn’t meant to happen because John Krasinski wanted the film to be a one-time experience. But the studio quickly signaled that there would be a sequel. Krasinski shared that,

Then I had this small idea for a sequel, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. So, I said to the studio, ‘Just go do the movie with somebody else.’

As the studio opted to get pitches from other film makers, Krasinski’s idea stuck along. When he filed it to the producer Andrew Form, he realized that it might actually work. And now he’s scripting down the sequel for A Quiet Place.

It’s pretty obvious why the studio wanted John Krasinski back on the film. When he joined A Quiet Place as a director, he edited the script majorly bringing some deep and great details to the movie. With the efforts he added in, the movie reflected it through the earnings. And there would never be a good enough sequel if John Krasinski isn’t a part of it!

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