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Tim Allen Tells us What’s Next for Last Man Standing

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It has been a happy day for everyone at Last Man Standing. The sitcom returned to television after one and a half years. But the high ratings at the return have made it even better a comeback than it already was. It has been no joke since Last Man Standing attracted 8 million viewers when it premiered on Fox in September. The star comedian Tim Allen is more than just delighted. And has shared a lot on are the new story lines and plot twists. Most importantly, Tim Allen has teased the future for Last Man Standing. And doesn’t it seem great?

What Did Tim Allen Reveal?

Tim Allen is more than simply delighted that people cared enough to watch Last Man Standing. He claims that they got a second chance. And they’re excited to do this for the fans and make them laugh. In fact, when the first episode aired Tim Allen was attending a family function. And commented that he loved being on the sets because there the family dynamics wrapped it up in 23 minutes.

According to Tim Allen, Last Man Standing finds humor in clashing the conservatives with the liberals. And that’s how the series makes it possible with Mike Baxter being a very educated Archie Bunker and his two daughters being left-leaning. Towards the end, Allen noted that for the Baxter family, the only thing that mattered was family and neighbors. There were a lot of bigger ideas everywhere, but they did not govern the lives in Last Man Standing.

For the upcoming episodes, Tim Allen hinted towards something that might seem a bit absurd. But Mike will have to deal with the death of his father and he along with his smart and creative Vanessa face an empty nest. Their daughter Mandy and son-in-law Kyle will figure out how to step out on their own. And liberal son-in-law Ryan gets into a clash with Mike on what role should a grand father play.

That’s pretty much everything that Tim Allen shared for Last Man Standing. And seriously, the show being picked up a year and half after ABC cancelled it is actually a blessing!

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