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Bryce Hall explains the recent act of violence

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You guys obviously don’t need an introduction of Bryce Hall and the other Sway Boys. They’re the most popular TikTok stars. Plus, they like to do a lot of crazy stuff to keep their fans entertained. But Bryce clearly stands out from the rest of the Sway Boys as he likes to break the rules and party a lot.

He did promise to make some changes in his lifestyle after he got into some major trouble at his 21st Birthday party. Despite having said that, he has been publicly drunk and said some crazy things to the news tabloid YouTube channel ‘The Hollywood Fix’.

Recently, Bryce was seen getting extra cozy with Mike Majlak’s girlfriend Lana Rhoades at the Saddle Ranch. Mike was not happy with Bryce’s drunken state and expressed it on his social media. And now there is a video of Bryce and the Sway Boys circulating on the internet in which three of the boys are punching someone violently.

Bryce Hall responds to the recent act of violence

A video is being circulated on the internet in which some of the Sway Boys are beating a gut to a pulp. And there comes a  woman at the end who is trying to save the guy who is getting punched. Bryce shared this video on his twitter after it started making rounds on Twitter:

And the caption has really got me and hundreds of other people in a state of utter confusion.

“we don’t condone violence, but if you punch someone in front of us, we’ll have no choice but to defend ourselves.”

Nobody condones violence. But it seems a bit extreme for three guys to go on the offensive after one guy. Even if he did threw the first punch.

And the way Bryce just quoted this fight is so weird. This cannot be your defense against someone who throws the first punch.

One of the fans commented on Bryce’s video sharing:

“The persons who get hit have the right to defend themselves, not all of you”.

We all want to know the real reason behind this fight. But it doesn’t seem like Bryce Hall wants to give us the full story yet. Let’s see if any other Sway House members explain themselves in this situation.

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