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Henry Cavill responds to Enola Holmes lawsuit

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Enola Holmes came out at the 23rd of last month on Netflix. But this time its not only Sherlock getting all the attention. The spotlight is on Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ younger sister, Enola Holmes. However, both brothers play important roles as supporting actors. With Sherlock played by Henry Cavill and Mycroft by Sam Claflin.

But just before the movie was released on Netflix, Enola Holmes found itself in a bit of trouble. Back in June, writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate sued Netflix.

They claimed that Henry Cavill’s character as Sherlock Holmes is more emotional in Enola Holmes which constitutes a copyright violation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s final 10 Sherlock stories. As opposed to Enola Holmes Sherlock being created on the character from the author’s earlier narratives featuring a less sensitive Sherlock Holmes, which are in the public domain.

In a recent interview with GQ, Henry was asked about his stance on the lawsuit. To which he answered:

“I mean, honestly, I don’t have a take on it. It is a character from a page which we worked out from the screenplay. The legal stuff is above my pay grade.”

He might have had something to say about the movie’s current legal predicament had he been a producer of Enola Holmes. But he is just an actor for the movie. he did his level best to bring his version of Sherlock Holmes to life.

Meanwhile, he is ready to let others handle the legal response. That was shown months before Enola Holmes came to Netflix. However, when the topic of this being first time someone has gotten sued because of their acting came up, the actor simply responded by saying “nothing surprises him anymore”.

Henry Cavill tells us more about the character

Henry Cavill, also in recent times, clarified how it is because of trial and error. That the character could have been even more emotional than what came out in the final product. He said:

“Initially, there was a lot more in the way of emotional stuff coming out because it was digging deep into my own personal stuff. And we pared it back. What we were left with behind was an emotionally connected Sherlock, but only emotionally connected with one person. And that was Enola. And I loved building that part of the character. He’s still this eccentric, odd, weird, aloof genius detective, as far as the outside world – as far as anyone else—is concerned, but his relationship with Enola is very specific and very unique.”

Even after the troubles, Enola Holmes did not cease to amaze the fans.


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