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Jennifer Anniston reveals she almost quit Hollywood

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The Hollywood celebrity made her break-through in F.R.I.E.N.D.S as Rachel Green back in the 90s. The 51-years old actress confessed her she thought of ending her career as an actress in the Hollywood.

She made an appearance on the podcast SmartLess which was hosted by actors Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett. The Morning Show actress revealed that she wondered if it was time to quit when she did an “unprepared project” a several years ago.

She shared that it was a disorganized project and the script was not going to be ready for seemingly months. It left her feeling frustrated and stuck. But after the bummer project, she was offered The Morning Show which is her most talked about and refreshing role in recent years. She shared:

“I would have to say the last two years that has crossed my mind, which it never did before. Before The Morning Show, it was after a job I had completed, and I was like ‘Woah that sucked the life out of me’ and I do not know if this is what interests me. And I had this fantasy of ‘what if I just… you know.”

Jennifer Anniston’s profession after Hollywood?

Talking to Jennifer, Sean Hayes, asked her what her profession would be if she quit Hollywood. To which she said:

“Interior design, probably. I love it. It is my happy place. It’s really a happy place for me.”

Her top three past performances?

Jennifer Anniston was also asked to rank her top three past performances and her answer did not surprise us a tiny bit. She said:

“I loved, well, obviously Friends. That’s a no brainer…I would have to say that would be number one.”

Her duo with Adam Sandler in “Just Go With It” came second in the list.

She talked about her co-star:

“I always love shooting with Sandler. “Just Go With It” was super fun. We’ve known each other since we were 19,”

Actresses who walked away from Hollywood

Jennifer’s thoughts about stepping away from Hollywood are very usual. There are other actresses like Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow who decided to quit acting. They decided to retire for other endeavors such as running their own businesses instead of making movies all their lives.

They have both been quite open about the matter. And why they focused their attention away from acting. Gwyneth Paltrow felt totally burned out and Cameron Diaz wanted away from the endless energy of the biz. Even though Jennifer might seem to have second thoughts. She is still happy with her job and there is none doubting that.


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