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Joe Biden comments on Tana Mongeau’s TikTok?

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Tana Mongeau is a famous YouTuber and content creator. She has been in news for all the wrong reasons since the Shane Dawson scandal happened in June. Many of her fans are waiting for an apology video. In fact, they are waiting for an apology for the apology video she shared on her YouTube. Fans called her out on faking it, and Tana promised she’ll do better next time. While fans are still waiting for a better apology, Tana Mongeau is constantly posting on her social media profiles. Recently, she endorsed Joe Biden and offered her free nudes in return. But that turned out to be an illegal way of endorsing someone. So, she made an indirect endorsement TikTok by bashing President Donald Trump. Turns out, Joe Biden has seen it. Or has he?

Joe Biden comments on Tana Mongeau’s TikTok. There is a ‘question mark’ to this statement

In a TikTok, Tana Mongeau compared her weed expenses to President Trump’s taxes for last year. The caption on the video states:

i spent more money today on w#3d than billionaire Donald Trump did last year on taxes.

@tanamongeaulollike what how is that a real fact♬ THATS SUSPICIOUS – Oh to be Saiki 😔💔

She might have posted it as one of her “Vote for America” promotions. However, she was not expecting someone named Joe Biden to comment on her TikTok. An apparently fake account Joe Biden used Tana’s TikTok to vote for America by voting blue.

Tana Mongeau, probably excited at the comment, confessed that it was the worst joke she’s ever made to date.

Tana Mongeau

Meanwhile, Tana Mongeau also addressed a Trump supporter in her comments.

@tanamongeaulolReply to @macyyy41♬ original sound – Tana Mongeau

She also made an explicit language TikTok later, addressing the Joe Biden account comment on her TikTok that’s probably a fake account. Tana Mongeau is seen talking to one of her housemates, discussing if Joe Biden’s comment means he is trying to f*ck her. She also considers what if the person behind the apparently fake account is real Joe Biden.

The user ID of joebidenoffical_ was created on TikTok recently. The first post is the clip from Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s first debate.

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