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No, The Simpsons didn’t predict Donald Trump getting coronavirus or his death

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The Simpsons seem to have predicted every major event, often years in advance. It predicted Tom Hanks getting the coronavirus and even the virus itself. Now, fans are believing that Donald Trump getting diagnosed with the deadly virus was something The Simpsons predicted. But did that actually happen or is everyone believing a fake picture?

Donald Trump Coronavirus news shakes up Twitter

Today, the world got to know the news that Donald Trump and Melania Trump have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

It led to a lot of people being absolutely shocked at hearing the news. While most of Hollywood is a critic of Donald Trump, they were still surprised.

Moreover, some were even skeptical of this news and are worried that it’s just a ploy to get more votes for the upcoming presidential elections. That’s due to the fact that Trump has many times lied during his presidency.

Soon after, the news of Donald Trump getting coronavirus started trending on Twitter. Along with House White Aide Hope Hicks who contracted the virus first.

But another interesting thing was trending, ‘Simpsons’

The animated sitcom show was also trending under the category of ‘Politics’ on Twitter as well.

Simpsons Trending Donald Trump

People are assuming that The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump getting coronavirus because of one picture where Trump is lying dead in a coffin in the Simpsons universe.

Simpsons Donald Trump dead coronavirus

Many people were tweeting out this same picture. And almost everyone is believing that The Simpsons has once again done the impossible: predicted a huge political event like 9/11.

But the thing is, this event didn’t happen in The Simpsons!

 The Simpsons didn’t predict Donald Trump dying, the picture is actually fabricated

The Simpsons have certainly predicted many things such as Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States and even Tom Hanks getting COVID-19.

It has even predicted to some degree of a pandemic in terms of its ‘Osaka Flu’ in their 1993 ‘Marge in Chains’ episode:

But Donald Trump dying was never predicted in any episode. The picture is actually fabricated and it’s not from the actual show.

The Independent UK actually reported the news back on August 27th, 2020. It was when people were believing that The Simpsons had predicted Donald Trump dying on August 27th, 2020. But in reality, it was merely a satirical clip designed in a way to mock conspiracies.

The false claims stem from a TikTok video published in June that is designed to satirise conspiracy theories. In it, a young woman suggests that those viewing the video have been “chosen” and that they need to “remember the date August 27th – it is important”.

Even then people on Twitter thought this picture to actually belong in The Simpsons. Many people are again assuming that The Simpsons was spot-on with its prediction. Actually, it never existed in the first place.

However, it must be noted that there was an eery prediction made by psychic Baba Vanga that predicted Donald Trump would get a deadly illness. She also predicted that he would die from it. She was a bit illiterate and just like any other psychic, had some degree of inaccuracy.

But considering Donald Trump was not actively following the safety precautions needed to prevent coronavirus, it’s not easy to predict him catching the virus.

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