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Jeffree Star’s Ex-Boyfriend Andre Marhold’s Story Keeps Getting Messier?

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2020 is not the best year for so many people and Jeffree Star is one of them. Apparently, an account that many believe, belongs to his ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold, is accusing him of several things. One of the accusations is stating that Jeffree Star has STD.

This is the second fling of Jeffree Star after Jozea Rose. Jeffree has started dating after his break-up with long time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. In fact, Jeffree started seeing Andre Marhold, an ex-basketball player and owner of a modeling agency, a couple of weeks ago. The two hung out together at Jeffree’s million-dollar mansion and also flew to his Wyoming home twice.

But their happy time didn’t last long since the relationship was subject to a lot of drama. One of them was stirred by a woman who claimed she was Andre’s girlfriend. Another drama was when Andre’s baby mother claimed that Andre just ghosted her and didn’t tell her anything about the Jeffree Star situation.

The story behind Andre Marhold and Jeffree Star’s feud

Things were still somehow going smooth for Andre and Jeffree as they were battling outside drama. But then major drama erupted in their relationship. It got so extreme that Jeffree Star allegedly claimed that he was robbed by Andre Marhold. He posted a long thread of stories on his Instagram and Snapchat and shared how disgusted he is by Andre’s actions. But then Andre shared some posts on his speculated “backup account” on IG and threatened the beauty mogul to take his stories down in an hour. It must be noted here that it is unclear whether that account (_amarxiii) truly belongs to Andre or not.

Though, in the backup account of Instagram, there are further accusations against Jeffree Star. One of them accused Jeffree Star of cheating on Nathan Schwandt with his best friend. This led to Jeffree Star deleting all of his own Instagram and Snapchat stories.

The ‘Andre’ backup account still shared some DM’s and receipts on his account. Moreover, he asked Jeffree to come on Instagram Live to tell the world what he is hiding. In the DM’s, it appears that Jeffree Star mentions an NDA being signed between the two of them. If that NDA was signed and is true, Andre Marhold might be in some legal trouble.

After those DMs were leaked, the original Andre Marhold account shared screenshots of the (_amarxiii) account and asked everyone to report it as fake. The drama appears to be getting messier because it is not clear whether Andre is behind all this or if it’s someone else out to get Jeffree Star.

What’s the truth?

We all are equally confused at the moment. But Def Noodles shared a lot of details which might help us in understanding the Jeffree Star x Andre Marhold feud.

Someone shared this receipt from what people believe is another Andre’s backup account and allegedly claimed that Jeffree is not STD free.

But Artistry Salomea helped Def Noodles by sharing a picture that is quite identical to the one which is shared by Andre’s backup account. Which clearly shows that the picture is fabricated. And this backup account is also proven to be fake.

Turns out, the backup account is apparently spreading fake news about Jeffree Star and trying to gain likes and followers. The fake account also disclosed that he is deactivating the account for some while due to some legal reasons. And he’d be back soon. But when he’ll be back, he’d put his profile to private and only his followers can then see whatever he posts.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments down below.

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