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CW Riverdale and Batwoman shut down due to COVID-19?

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This just in, COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARD-CoV2) is not done with messing up our lives and schedules. Just as we were getting in the groove for our favorite shows have resumed shootings; Coronavirus returns. According to the latest report by Variety, Riverdale, and Batwoman, CW’s hits that just got back into production, are shutting down again. The sources say that the shutdown is due to the delays in tests for the virus that is the cause of the 2020 global health crisis. Until now, scientists have not been able to find a vaccine to help the masses. And so, our industries, including the entertainment industry, suffer.

CW’s Batwoman and Riverdale production shut down due to COVID testing delays.

It seems that the issue of production shutdowns and delays is about to become a common one. Around the world, several industries are forced to readjust to the new normal. In recent reports, the production of Batman in Europe was put on hold. The reason being that the infamous Robert Pattinson, caught the virus. It continued a few weeks later once he was cleared.

We believe that the health and safety of our favorite celebrities is a lot more crucial than show releases. Thus, although not overly enthused, fans of both CW shows, Riverdale and Batwoman, are making do.

We are also happy to report that crew members and casts involved in productions are all being highly cautious. As Jensen Ackles from CW’s Supernatural reports,

I would say being on set was safer than going home to my apartment because everybody’s getting tested, everybody was healthy and was checked on such a frequent basis you knew that there was nobody carrying the disease. I’m being very cautious, and I would have felt comfortable hugging the crew members, just because I know everybody was so diligently safe.

He said this as he had to return to set to wrap up the remaining 2 episodes of Supernatural. We think this might turn out to be the case during the productions of CW’s Batwoman and Riverdale. It surely would be good to know that our stars aren’t risking themselves on set!

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