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David Dobrik Reunites Miranda Cosgrove With Long Lost Brother!

Miranda Cosgrove Reunites With Her On-screen Brother After 11 Years And Fans Are Here For it

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David Dobrik, the 22-year-old is known for pulling elaborate pranks on his friends and today was no exception. On Thursday the 18th of October, David Dobrik pulled a stunt so wild, it had fans crying out in joy!

David Dobrik Concocts A Plan

Dobrik, being a die-hard “Drake & Josh” fan, decided that it was about time he had his friend Josh Peck (31) meet up with his favourite on-screen sister, Miranda Cosgrove (25).

For those of you who don’t seem to recall, Miranda Cosgrove played the diabolical Megan Parker – sister to Josh Nichols (Josh Peck), in the hit Tv show “Drake & Josh” that aired on Nickelodeon from 11th January 2004 till 16th September 2007. Thus, it was a momentous occasion for fans of “Drake & Josh” to have their favorite actors reunite on-screen approximately 11 years after the last episode aired in late 2007.

In the beginning of the 4 minutes 21 second vlog, David Dobrik meets up outside with Miranda Cosgrove. He tells her how they are going to surprise soon-to-be-dad Josh Peck with a present for his baby. This was definitely the perfect plan, since Josh recently announced that he and his wife were expecting a child.

Miranda was on board with the plan and exclaimed that it had been at least four years since she last saw Josh. The reunion was long overdue for the both of them!

“Drake & Josh” Fans Go Wild!

After David had a brief chat with Miranda he went on inside and proceeded to present Josh with an activity gym for his baby. While Josh was pleasantly surprised he knew something was up; because who are we kidding, it is David Dobrik we are talking about here.

What else could you expect…

The surprise was finally revealed when David explained that the present wasn’t from him. But from Josh’s sister and Miranda popped out from the corner, much to Josh’s bewilderment.

As they reunited Josh exclaimed how much Miranda had grown-up since he had last seen her, he was also very sheepish as he apologized for not inviting her to his wedding and thanked her for not tweeting about it. It’s a direct reference to when their other co-star Drake Bell tweeted about not being invited to Josh’s wedding.

Miranda Cosgrove Still has the Upper Hand

While the reunion was the most wholesome thing to grace Youtube in a long, long time. Miranda Cosgrove proved to fans that she’s still got what it takes to get on Josh’s nerves.

After their fun chat, Miranda surprised Josh with another present. This time the present had Josh Peck cursing Megan’s name as a pie hit him square in the face. That’s what we call a perfect ending, and fans seem to agree, as they took to Twitter to have their say and hoped for a future “Drake & Josh” reboot.

Only time will tell if our dreams will come true. And if we will be able to see Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove on screen once again! They were the best brother-sister duo Hollywood has to offer.

In the mean time we can all agree that David Dobrik is doing God’s work. He’s helping fans relive their childhood. More power to him!

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