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Jameela Jamil claps back at people sending her online hate

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Jameela Jamil has once again proved what a savage queen she is by clapping back at trolls. The actress posted an old picture of herself which was making rounds on the internet and gave a shut-up call to the person who started it.

In the picture, the Model is seen standing all dolled up in her house in a lovely lilac dress. In the picture, a bunch of hair could be seen on the floor near the star’s feet. People lashed at Jameela thinking that the hair was actually her pubic hair. When, in reality, they were her boyfriend’s after a haircut. The activist gave the trolls a taste of their own medicine as she wrote:

“Omg LOL the urge to drag is so intense on the internet that someone is circulating this old picture after my boyfriend’s haircut as if it wasn’t a joke and my DMs are now filled with people being so personally abusive. You guys are either stupid or humorless. It’s one or the other.

Ps. I forgot how lovely this dress was! gonna have to wear it around the house soon.”

A lot of fans and friends came out to support Jameela. It is always refreshing to see women standing up for other women just like Jameela has always done.

Jameela responds to people making fun of her health

Jameela has always been a target for the trolls. Just like a few months back when a comedian joked that Jameela would be the first “famous person” to get the Coronavirus. To which Jameela defended herself by saying:

“If you’re gonna make a joke about how I am going to be the first actress with coronavirus, ya late and ya basic.”

She further highlighted how others’ physical health and conditions are much severe and that should be our point of concern:

“Joking about my mental and physical health doesn’t hurt me as much as other more vulnerable people with chronic illness/invisible disability/actual munchausens”

The actress has been seen defending herself about her health other times too when a few months back The Good Place actress slammed “false accusations” that she is being dishonest about her health history and suffers from Munchausen syndrome. Jameela replied:

“I have had to fight like a f—ing dog this week against false accusations, people framing my words, and deliberately taking them out of context, trying to discredit my entire integrity, and going after disabled members of my family. And for what? To stop me from being an activist against eating disorders? To stop me from destigmatizing conversations about mental health, suicides, sexual consent, abortions, women’s rights, trans rights?”

This proves that Jameela does not care about what the world says. She is always going to be a champion for the causes she believes in. And that’s why we adore her for it.

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