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Fans come to James Charles’ rescue after PETA calls him out

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So People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called out James Charles for buying a dog from a breeder. We all know that James already has a very cute dog named ‘Finn’. And he was thinking about getting another one for a really long time. On 5th September, James posted a video ‘SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy’ on his YouTube channel. You will literally fall in love with ‘Theo’ after watching James’ vlog. He is super adorable and likes to pee everywhere. That’s what dogs like to do when they are moved to a new territory. So James got Theo from a pet breeder. And PETA called him out for buying a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one. We really don’t know why James got a puppy from a breeder instead of adopting one from a shelter. But we cannot hate/cancel him for that.

PETA calls out James Charles for buying a pup for clout

So a few days ago PETA posted a tweet and called out James Charles for buying a dog. We know what PETA said about the adoption thing is right. There are so many animal shelters with millions of animals up for adoption.

“Using a puppy for clout is anything but cute. Buying a dog when there are over 70 million homeless animals is just plain reckless.”

PETA calling out James

They further attached a video along with the tweet which didn’t have any trigger warning. And showed how dog breeders mutilate the puppies at an early age to meet certain standards. We agree with everything except what they said at the end of the video. That so many celebrities buy animals and misuse them for the sake of clout.

This last bit is a little confusing. I guess that’s what we all do even when we adopt a puppy or any other animal or bird. We make tons and tons of videos with them and post them on social media. But it doesn’t mean that we are using them for the sake of clout.

And PETA is only calling out James Charles for buying a puppy which doesn’t actually make any sense. Why are they not calling out celebrities and politicians who are a hundred times famous and richer than James Charles?

Fans come in support of James Charles

We all know James Charles has been having a very tough time on social media from the past few weeks due to his feud with Ethan Klein on his new merch. But it feels good to see that his fans are here to support him. Fans are really angry at PETA for coming to James Charles and trying to cancel him.

Fans support James

Another fan called out PETA for not going after Jeffree Star who wears real animal fur on daily basis. I don’t know if you guys have noticed this thing or not. But PETA post pictures and videos without any trigger warning and show it to the world what’s actually happening with so many stray and fur animals. So why are they not saying anything about this other makeup guru who actually wears that fur which is being ripped off from animals by causing them bodily harm?

Peta Jeffree Star

Another fan shared a heartbreaking post about PETA. In which one of their workers stole a girl’s pet and killed it. There is also a report about PETA for killing more than 1,500 dogs and other animals last year.

Fans supporting James Charles

What are your thoughts on this matter? I know it’s a very sensitive topic but trying to cancel someone for buying a puppy is just like trying to cancel someone for buying an egg instead of a chicken.

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