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Jake Paul ships Noah Cyrus & Tana Mongeau’s Relationship!

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I hope you all are aware of this great saying ‘History Repeats Itself’. And Jake Paul has just given us a big solid proof by commenting  ‘ship’ on ex-pretend-wife/GF Tana Mongeau’s IG post. Now, what’s special about this IG post, and who is Jake Paul trying to ship with Tana? Well, it can only be Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah Cyrus who is also a singer/songwriter. We will have to take a trip down the memory lane and focus on what Jake said last year about Tana and Noah. He said he doesn’t have any issue with his then-pretend-wife Tana hooking up with Noah Cyrus. He even shared some wild three-some-fantasies and said that he doesn’t have any issue. As long as he gets to be there and enjoy the ‘you guys know what’. Don’t make me say it again.

Jake Paul still doesn’t have any issue with Ex-pretend-wife/GF Tana Mongeau hook up with Noah Cyrus

Last year, Jake Paul shipped his then-wife Tana Mongeau with Noah Cyrus. And asked if he also gets to have some fun with them. But this year, things are a little different. Tana is not Jake’s pretend wife anymore and she is not even his pretend girlfriend. They both are BFFs now.

But one thing which has not changed is Jake Paul shipping Tana Mongeau with Noah Cyrus. So Tana shared some pictures from her dinner at BOA Steakhouse with Noah Cyrus and some of the team 10 members.


We don’t want to know how Tana must have convinced Noah into being her girlfriend. Read the caption carefully guys, it has a hidden dirty message.

“”i mean ofc i had to take a break from instagram and until she was my girlfriend again.”

And guess who was the first person to comment on Tana’s picture with Noah? It’s pretty obvious, Jakey baby. He ‘ship’ these beauties together. And Paris Hilton wants to hang out with her favorite girls really soon.

Jake Paul ships

Noah Cyrus thinks Tana Mongeau has a WAP

Umm, well. We don’t really want to know why Noah thinks that Tana has a WAP. When what they are actually doing is giving each other a kiss with full tongue action.

And here is a scoop from Tana and Noah for news tabloid ‘TMZ’.

A lot of news tabloids tried asking Tana and Noah if they are dating each other or not. But they didn’t make a statement about it.

So this means they are messing around with everybody. But one thing is for sure that Noah and Tana got super high together. And by taking a hint from Tana’s IG stories, Noah spent the night at her place.

Here is an old IG post from Tana in which she is wishing Noah a very happy birthday with some of their steamy pictures.



Let us know what you guys think about Tana and Noah’s relationship? I personally think that Tana and Jake are made for each other because they vibe a lot.

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