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Why did Jeffree Star’s Million Dollar Business get Relief from Government?

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Alright, so Jeffree Star has talked about how he has helped millions of people during the ongoing pandemic. But he has not once mentioned anything about the Government providing Relief Fund for his business. Some of you might not know this but Government Relief Funds are usually given to small businesses. They are not at all meant to be given to large businesses who have earned a lot of profits in the past couple of years. Now some of the wealthy people applied for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Which basically helps the less fortunate businesses with loans. Now Jeffree Star, who earns millions and millions of profits by selling his beauty products also applied for the PPP. According to ‘Spill‘ Jeffree received a loan of six big figures in May.

Jeffree Star is getting the heat for the Paycheck Protection Program

So the whole PPP thing started circulating on the internet when Jeffree posted a tweet about helping his fans by giving them money through the CashApp. He further mentioned that he has given away a total amount of $150,000 in total to help his fans to get through this hard time. And he is planning to help more.

Fans got really upset with Jeffree’s tweet. And they also expressed their views by replying to his CashApp tweet. They even said that it was a nice effort by Jeffree for giving back the money which he got from the PPP.

Fans are not happy with Jeffree Star

Another fan was utterly disappointed with Jeffree Star for taking away the PPP loan. Which a lot of struggling companies deserved rather than Jeffree’s million-dollar business.

No one is going to ask Jeffree about PPP

This fan further shared a screenshot by ProPublica. Where you can search the PPP loan applicants through their name/organization/zip code and business type.

Proof by a fan that Jeffree got the PPP

And according to ProPublica, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Inc got a loan of $350,000-1 million. Which is clearly a lot.

Some of the fans even took Jeffree’s side and said that Jeffree should not be blamed for getting the PPP. People should actually blame the government for accepting his PPP loan application.

Let us know what you guys think about Jeffree Star getting the PPP Loan.

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