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WandaVision Trailer Reaches 12 Million Views!

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After waiting for months, Disney+ finally revealed the much-awaited WandaVision trailer! And it was unlike anything that we have ever seen in the MCU. It intrigued fans so much that the trailer got over 12 million views in 3 days!

WandaVision Trailer Reaches 12 Million Views!

Released on September the 21st, Disney pretty much shook the Marvel fanbase with the new WandaVision trailer. And it’s not surprising at all! The trailer didn’t explain much, but it still managed to give a hint about what we can expect from WandaVision. By the looks of it, it looks like Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, created an alternate reality of some sort where she has kept Vision alive. Moreover, we also got to see Wanda and Vision in their comic book costumes for Halloween as well, which is just one of the many Easter Eggs filled in the trailer. No wonder the trailer got 12 million views in no time!

Fans had already speculated this, but it looks far better than what they anticipated. And if things go well, this could very well become the most important MCU content after Endgame!

WandaVision takes alternate reality and multiverse to a whole new dimension

We mentioned before how WandaVision could be an adaptation of the “House of M” storyline. Now, with the WandaVision trailer, it is all but confirmed. This comic book truly shows how Wanda “Scarlet Witch” is arguably the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. Moreover, it also focuses on Wanda’s transition into the Scarlet Witch. She uses her power to not only bring Vision back to life but also create two new lives in her children with him, Wiccan and Speed, as shown in the trailer.

WandaVision will have the same mega-budget as any Marvel film, meaning that Disney is truly placing all their bets on this line of shows. Now, the show will release in December of 2020, just a few months away. Until then, you can rewatch the WandaVision trailer and increase its views.

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