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Post Malone Goes Undercover For A Noble Cause

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Post Malone the popular American Hip-Hop virtuoso turns into a salesman and manages to remain undetected. Malone covers himself with the most appropriate accessories (The white hat and glasses). He acts as a proficient salesperson, suggesting a good number of musical tracks at a local record store. To add more flavor in this hilarious prank, Post Malone tries to convince one of the customers that music is nothing but trash. He utters to a lady, ‘It sucks so bad’ while offering her some free records from his collection. Nevertheless, the prospective buyer rejects his views.

Interestingly, Malone asks a shopper to suggest a name for a wannabe rapper. The customer advises combining the word “Young” with anything you purchased last. A flashlight which is Malone’s last purchase sparks Malone to instantly declare himself as the “Young Flashlight.” There was only a single lady who immediately recognizes the LA rapper in his hidden get-up. It was worth seeing the moments when he jumps out of his skin much to public amusement.

The Reason Unveiled:

Post Malone is doing all these undercover acts for a notable cause. The fold of Honor is a non-profit organization. It serves to provide scholarships for the spouses and children of fallen and disabled service members. Donators can enter an enigmatic raffle by just donating $10 to Folds of Honor. Recently, Post Malone has joined hands with Omaze and promises to give away a free Bentley to one lucky winner among the donating participants. Moreover, the prospective winner will also get a chance to visit LA. In addition to this, he can be accompanied by Malone is his newly won Bentley.

There Have Been Several More Instances

To promote the fresh partnership with Omaze as well as the noble cause, Post Malone went clandestinely as a local record store salesman to surprise his fans. The most comical part of the story is that despite his signature facial tattoos, Malone succeeded to remain masked. Eventually, after a humorous act of getting fired by the store manager for constantly dropping the records at the store, Malone revealed his identity. As he came out of the salesman get up, all the customers were startled at the jaw-dropping appearance.

There Are More Undercover Celebs

This is not the first time when these melodious celebs undercover themselves for good causes. Another celebrity went undercover as a Lyft driver. This was the Grammy winner rapper Chance who sat behind the wheel to publicize the cognizance about the ride-hailing service’s “Round-Up & Donate” program.

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