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Jake Paul shoots the breeze in his new YouTube video

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Jake Paul is back on his Youtube channel after staying MIA for almost seven weeks. And no, we are not going to count his new song 23’s video as a part of his YouTube vlog channel. Jake wanted to take some time off from his social media and focus more on his boxing training and making music. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Fix, Jake said that youtube is a dead end and they don’t pay well. So he plans on working more on his music career and boxing. Jake’s new song 23 is a super hit and has gained 15 million views in a week. Anyways, we all know that Jake cannot stay away from his YouTube channel for too long. And he has proved it by posting a vlog ‘Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is really happening?’

Jake Paul talks about random sh*t in his new vlog

So Jake Paul couldn’t resist staying away from his YouTube channel. And addressed so many things by talking non-stop. There were a lot of funny parts in the vlog too so let’s take a look at them first.

“Sorry guys, I am not a YouTuber anymore. I fuc*in s*ck at it, huh. I don’t put effort into it. I am a boxer and I make music now.”

And no, we are not done yet. Then he goes like, ‘Should I put in my grills because I am a rapper now, for this video?’ Umm, Jake, you look pretty sober in the video so I don’t really know why you are talking like you’re on a high.

Then one of his team members joins Jake because he was having a hard time shooting the vlog alone. And what he says next is actually kind of shocking and confusing.

“Hello, we are the race family, black and white.”

Uhh, you guys really need to grow up and stop making racial jokes.

Jake Paul vs Ryan Garcia is not happening

Then Jake talks about Ryan Garcia’s tweet in which he said, ‘If Mayweather can fight Logan Paul then I’m fighting Jake Paul’. Now a lot of people still don’t know that both Ryan and Jake are very good friends.

And they were probably getting into each other’s space just for the sake of making new content. Or maybe just for the sake of some hype, likes, and followers.

But one thing is for sure that Jake vs Ryan is not happening anytime soon. Ryan’s next boxing opponent is Luke Campbell.


Jake also mentioned in the vlog that he is going to a training camp in Vegas to prepare for his fight with NBA-pro Nate Robinson. Jake and Nate’s fight was supposed to happen on 12th September but it got delayed to double up the revenue.

Jake Paul’s new YouTube channel update and much more

Well, I didn’t know that Jake and Logan had this random YouTube channel which has some videos from 2019. Jake renamed this old channel from ‘Jake and Logan’ to ‘Jake Paul Random‘ and will be posting all of his vlogs and random stuff from the training camp on it.

And no, Logan is not going to be a part of the upcoming videos on this random video channel.

“I have a boxing documentary coming soon, stay tuned. This is my update.”

I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited about this boxing documentary. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed until it’s posted on Jake’s new Youtube channel.

Peace Out!

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