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Someone walked in on Lewis Capaldi in a bathroom…

The singer revealed that he was walked in on at a local toilet

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If you thought you had the worst Monday morning ever, you might want to check out Lewis Capaldi’s bathroom incident. The 23-year-old singer had someone walk in on him while he was using the toilet. But unlike most people, who would be too ashamed to tell anybody, Lewis took to twitter to very funnily share the embarrassing episode. He shared that he did not realize the lock was broken on the door as he went to the toilet while he was at Heathrow airport.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, Lewis being the Lewis he is, shared a picture of himself on the toilet. He captioned it:

“Someone just walked in on me on the toilet at Heathrow airport cause I didn’t realize the lock was broken.”

And he further added:


In the picture, the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer, is seen making a gesture with his hands while sitting on the loo rocking a black face mask, corduroy green jacket and a zipped up grey jumper.


Fans Reaction to Capaldi’s tweet

Fans went crazy seeing Lewis’ tweet, with one hilarious follower looking at the brighter side of things, as he joked:

 “Automatic flush at Heathrow though so it’s swings and roundabouts.”

Another fan commented:

 “The singer/songwriter of the most played song in America does not have security to watch the door? I feel more blessed every day, shoutout to my mom for always guarding my stall.”

Lewis also changed his official name on his twitter to ‘‘I don’t even know who Lewis Capaldi is’. This happened after a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire said that they had no idea who the twice Brit Award-winner was. This was a way of the singer trolling himself.

Lewis Capaldi’s future plans

The singer also revealed that he would be releasing a new album next year and not this year, he said:

“Hopefully, I will release a new song and a new album next year. I will not release another album this year or anything. I think people have suffered enough in 2020. They don’t need another song from me.”

Lewis Capaldi disclosed that he had written around fifty songs in lockdown and thinks that at least four of them will be worth releasing. He said that he thinks it’s a good ratio and is amazed at how productive he has been throughout the lockdown. When he thought he would be sitting all day in his PJs all day.

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