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Ondreaz Lopez addresses social media absence

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Ondreaz Lopez finally addresses his social media absence in a very detailed Instagram story. No, he was not totally absent on social media. He was just not posting a lot of things which he usually does. Guess it’s about time that big brother Ondreaz took some mental health tips from the little brother Tony Lopez. Some of you might not know it but Tony went MIA after his 21st birthday for a few weeks. And since then he is focusing more on his mental health. He posts something every now and then but he is not really active. And now Ondreaz is following his lead and focusing more on his mental health. We all know social media gets too hard to handle at times. And both Ondreaz and Tony have been going through a rough patch lately.

Ondreaz Lopez shares the reason for staying distant from social media

I don’t know if you guys have noticed it or not, but Ondreaz has only been posting videos on his Tiktok account. Apart from that, he is not really active on social media.

A few hours ago Ondreaz posted an Instagram story in which he talked in detail about why he is absent from social media. But before we get into that, some you might know about Ondreaz’s history and how he had to deal with some se*ual harassment allegations.

Though according to Ondreaz, everything happened with the other parties’ consent. But he apologized to that person for making him feel uncomfortable. And since then Ondreaz has been getting hate from some fans. Multiple tweets and messages probably affected Ondreaz’s mental health a lot as people didn’t hold back in criticizing his actions.

Now moving back to Ondreaz’s message, he said that he will try to be more active on social media and interact with fans. Though it would be really hard to respond to every single fan out there, he will try his level best not to disappoint anyone.

Ondreaz message

And he put weight on the fact that he won’t be very much invested in social media for the sake of his own mental health. Ondreaz further added that:

“I’d like to ask that you guys do the same. to anyone who understands this, Thank you. To those who don’t, I just ask you do what feels necessary to you. Either way, god bless you, I love you and have a wonderful day.”

This is such a positive message. And we should all invest some time in ourselves and focus more on keeping a healthy mental state. So hopefully we will be saying more posts from Ondreaz on social media.

Oh and if you haven’t heard Ondreaz’ “No Baila” yet, go hear it ASAP. Peace out!

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