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What Happens When You Lose an Emmy in 2020? Ramy Youssef Explains!

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Many actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc spend their whole lives working hard to win an Emmy Award. Some make it, and some don’t. However, this years Emmys were very different than normal. This is because upon losing an Enemy, you would just have to fake a smile and clap for your fellow nominee whom you deeply despise (mostly) and then just wait for their speech to be over. But, losing an Emmy in 2020 might just have been crueler, despite it being virtual.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was at home and you didn’t have to fake clap for a while. You could just pause the screen and pretend as nothing happened. But, the Television Academy just did something that made Losing Emmys in 2020 really cruel. Ramy Youssef’s video explains how!

Ramy Youssef shows what happens upon losing at the 2020 Emmys

What Happens When You Lose an Emmy in 2020? Ramy Youssef Explains!
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Ramy Youssef worked really hard on Hulu’s comedy series Ramy. He got a very deserved Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor as well. But, it wasn’t to be for Youssef. However, instead of fake clapping for the winner Eugene Levy from Dany Levy’s Schitt’s Creek, the Television Academy had made losing at the 2020 Emmys far worse for him. He shared a video on his Twitter account:

Yes, you saw that right. The Television Academy had an intern at every nominee’s home with the Emmy in their hand. And if the nominee would lose, the intern would just wave goodbye and leave with the award right in front of their eyes! That’s what happens upon losing at the 2020 Emmys, and it just seems… cruel. But, it would not be off-brand for the insane year that 2020 was.

Of course, Twitter exploded when they saw Ramy Youssef’s video. Because as cruel as it seems, it was also insanely funny how the intern said goodbye to Ramy. Here’s how Twitter reacted to what happens when you lose at the 2020 Emmys.

This tweet pretty much summed it up. Losing an Emmy in 2020 is a lot like how the year has been for almost all of humanity:

I wish there was some other way the Television Academy could deliver the statuette to the winners’ homes at a moment’s notice. Because this is just hilariously cruel on the losers. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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