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Schitt’s Creek Wins Emmys 2020 and Our Hearts

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Emmys 2020 was possibly the one thing that made this year amazing. The comedy show Schitt’s Creek swept a major win and it was such a delightful surprise for everyone! Their reactions and acceptance speeches to all their wins truly melted our hearts. Everyone is in awe of how this small Canadian show garnered such a massive audience and made history in winning all the awards it was nominated for in the Emmys. Dan Levy and Eugene Levy truly cemented their place in history.

Schitt’s Creek  | Dan Levy should win an Emmy just for his speeches!

Dan Levy won awards for four main categories for Schitt’s Creek: Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series.

In his acceptance speech for Writing for a Comedy Series, Dan Levy shared gratitude to his father Eugene Levy, and his writing team for sharing personal aspects of their life so freely:

Every single writer that sat in our writers’ room and offered up traumatizing, embarrassing, deeply triggering things so that the Rose family could be who they are. Getting to write David Rose, getting to write this show, getting to tell the stories has been the greatest most cathartic experiences of my life.

He also added a personal special message congratulating Issa Rae for her work on Insecure for:

‘writing the most funniest, most heartfelt television of the year’.

Dan Levy was also winning the award for the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and this speech was even more amazing:

Starting off the speech for apologizing for winning for this category as well (so Canadian of him), Dan Levy sincerely thanks Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara for being two powerhouses of comedic talent:

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the six year master class that was led by two brilliant comedic minds that I had had the good fortune of working with for the past six seasons. My Dad Eugene Levy, and the magnficent Catherine O’Hara. Who led by example, they led without ego and they led with excitement and the trickle effect of that was felt through everybody. And as actors we were given this safety and the security to do what we wanted, to try and to experiment, and to grow because of you. So, thank you.

Dan Levy also took a special thanks for his co-star and on-screen sister Annie Murphy for being his better half:

I would not be up here if it were not for you being my better half. Thank you for your unbelievable work in the show.

Dan Levy also thanked everyone who helped him and called playing David Rose the best experience of his life.

He also shared an Emmy win with Andrew Cividino for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series:

Eugene Levy’s adorable speech

We were so happy to see Eugene Levy win an Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actor in a Comedy Series:

I guess it’s kind of ironical that the straightest role I’ve ever played lands me an Emmy for a comedy performance. So, now I just have to seriously question what I’ve been doing for the past 50 years.

And he further thanks wife:

I want to thank my darling wife of 40 years: Deb Devine. For all the love, support, and sage counsel. Over the years. Wouldn’t be here without you Deb, love you.

Eugene also thanks to his cast and crew and special thanks to Catherine O’Hara who he says ‘can make anyone who works with her look good’.

He also had a proud dad moment:

As a dad getting to work on camera for six years with both my kids Dan and Sarah (hi honey). Such a joy, love you both and could not be prouder.

Eugene also credited Dan Levy for helping cruise the Schitt’s Creek ship right to the Emmys!

The unforgettable Catherine O’Hara

Moira Rose, a character that was brilliantly portrayed by Catherine O’Hara made the show exceptionally funny and added such nuance to the show. Catherine getting the Emmy was rightfully deserved and her speech was so heartwarming to see:

I will forver be grateful for Eugene and Dav Levy for giving me the opportunity for giving a woman of a certain age – my age – who gets to be – who gets to be her fully ridiculous self. They gathered the most beautiful fun loving people cast and crew in Toronto and then by example led us to be the best we could be for each other.

Catherine O’Hara also did a special thanks for the people responsible for Moira’s brilliant and signature clothing style, wardrobe, and makeup looks.

Yes, Moira did! Honestly, this was a long-overdue moment for such a legendary actress.

Annie Murphy! The Alexis that took our hearts

When Alexis first came across our screens, she was the beautifully spoiled girl with questionable priorities. Slowly, she became one of the best characters on the show who learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable and be so selfless that it made you fall in love with her. Annie Murphy is just like the Alexis we see in the final season, warm, caring, and an amazing human being:

Annie Murphy called her time on Schitt’s Creek as the best time of her life and shares that she is so happy:

I am so so proud of the cast and the crew and the writers. And I can’t believe that Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are my friends. And I’m so proud of a show that’s – that stands for love, kindness, inclusivity, and acceptance because those four things are things that we need now more than in ever.

Best Comedy goes to…Schitt’s Creek!!

Dan Levy and Eugene Levy have made a name in history:

My heart is jumping up and down at the speech. Did you see Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, and Noah Reid hugging each other so tightly? Ah, my heart!

Dan Levy did make this speech political and shared a very important message:

Our show at its core is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance. And that is something we need more of now that we’ve ever needed before. I just want to say to any of you who have not registered to vote, please do so. And then go out and vote. Because that is the only way we are going to have love and acceptance out there.

And then he brings on his father Eugene Levy to say some of the ‘fun stuff’. Eugene Levy thanks all the people that helped bring Schitt’s Creek a reality, and the original television network PopTV as well as Netflix.

And Eugene thanks Dan:

I want to thank this young man who took our fish out of water story about the Rose family and transformed it into a celebration of inclusivity, a castigation of homophobia and a decleration of the power of love.

The whole Schitt’s Creek cast and crew were over the moon for the wins as they celebrated on social media

Dan Levy reveals that the Toronto city was so proud of Schitt’s Creek that the lighted the CN tower up in its honor:

Sarah Levy could not be with the cast and crew at the venue but she was celebrating like the rest of us at her home. And her reactions are completely priceless:


And Dan Levy posted this reminder that all TV shows need some time to grow:

Eugene Levy thanked the Emmys for the love letter to Schitt’s Creek!

Emily Hampshire shared this fan-made picture that summed up the success of Schitt’s Creek in a pretty amazing way:


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☺️🥰😂 thank u for this @mr_wa7t_ this is the best! #Repost @mr_wa7t_ ・・・ @schittscreek is simply 1 of the greatest TV shows of all time ! I could not adore theses characters and the message it sends out into the world more 💜Congratulations @instadanjlevy @sarahplevy @olreid #catherineohara @emilyhampshire #eugenelevy @frennifer 💜💜 #schittscreek

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These two women will forever have my heart:

Twyla predicting the future be like:


This was me at home:

My entire heart in one picture:


This concise response by Dustin Milligan (who played Ted)  is perfect:

The Good Place show also congratulated Schitt’s Creek by this hilarious tweet that true fans would know:


I’ll leave you with this:


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