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Fortnite Maker Epic Games Sues Youtuber for Selling Cheats

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Epic Games definitely knows how to deal with Fortnite cheaters. And not just regular ones, but also the high-profile targets. Now Epic Games- the developer of Fortnite has sued a popular YouTuber. Apparently, he was not just using but selling cheats. Moreover, it’s not only Brandon Lucas that Epic Games is suing. But also, his frequent partner, another famous YouTuber Colton Conter. This, however, does not remain the first time that the Fortnite developers have filed a lawsuit against cheaters. And Epic Games seems really tough because only last year they sued a 14-year old boy who allegedly used some hacks when playing.

Why Did Epic Games File A Lawsuit?

Anybody who tunes in to YouTube frequently might be aware of Golden Modz. The channel is owned by Brandon Lucas who enjoys almost 1.7 million subscribers. Mostly, what Lucas does is post videos of himself using mods to troll players online. Especially in games like GTA Online and Fortnite. But Epic Games has claimed that Brandon Lucas uses these videos to promote Fortnite cheats. Moreover, Epic Games has accused Lucas of selling these cheats on his website. And therefore, Games have sued Brandon Lucas for copyright infringement, breach of contract, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

As per the complaint launched by Games, Lucas has been using the videos to promote his hacks that he sells online. And those who purchase these hacks then use them while playing Fortnite. The complaint read that,

Although he claims to be ‘against cheating in competitive play video games [and that he] only makes these videos for entertainment that it brings [people] on [his] channel,’ Lucas is using the videos to demonstrate and promote the hacks he sells, and to direct those who watch the videos to the websites where he sells them. On information and belief, those who purchase the hacks from Lucas use them to cheat while playing ‘Fortnite’.

The lawsuit by Epic Games also targets another YouTuber who often accompanies Lucas in his videos- Colton Conter or more popularly known as Exentric. It further claims that both of them played together in some videos joking that their cheat software allowed them magical powers. And these enable them to troll and kill other Fortnite players.

It is apparent that Brandon Lucas could sense this lawsuit coming. Only last month, he deleted almost nine of his Fortnite videos blaming it on copyright strikes. However, he pointed out that dozens of other YouTubers were producing similar content. And said that his entertainment video was being singled out by Epic Games.

Seems like Fortnite developers are not ready to buy this justification!

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