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Ryan Garcia Thinks Jake Paul Is A Pus*y

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So, currently there is a drama going on between Lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia and very difficult to handle Jake Paul. Ryan was the one who took the first step towards creating drama on social media. He shared in a tweet, ‘If Mayweather can fight Logan Paul then I’m fighting Jake Paul’. Though I really don’t know if Logan can take down Mayweather. But Jake can definitely take down Ryan Garcia in less than two minutes. I don’t know why people take Jake’s passion for boxing very lightly. Some people even think that both Ryan and Jake are creating drama just for the sake of hype. But it feels like Jake is going to take him up on the challenge. Because Ryan just called him a pus*y on twitter. I mean Jake can be anything but not a you know what. I am not going to say it again.

Why is Ryan Garcia calling Jake Paul by weird names?

Ryan started this whole drama when he posted this tweet about fighting Jake Paul. Now, why does Ryan Garcia want to fight Jake Paul? Just because Floyd Mayweather is rumored to be fighting Logan Paul by the end of this year.

Here is a thread between Ryan and Jake. And is to safe to say that these kids really need to grow up? Calling each other names is not going to help them win a match.

Ryan's Tweet

Then Jake posted this video on his Instagram and captioned it as ‘Man weighs 135 and thinks he bad’. This made me laugh so hard. Ryan is equally muscular as Jake. So, I don’t really know why Jake thinks that only he can be the baddest.

Wait, what? There is some daddy talk going on here. Jake thinks Oscar De La hoya is Ryan’s daddy. And Ryan thinks that he is Jake’s daddy. So it means that Oscar is Jake’s grandfather? These guys have way too much on their hands.

You can watch the full video on The Koncrete Jungle’s post. If you look closely, you will see that Ryan is holding a  boxing match contract in his hand. And Jake kind of grabs it from him and throws it on the ground.

Umm, Ryan. Maybe Jake is the masculine version of whatever you are trying to call him. *coughs*

Jake is a ...

Some fans think Jake and Ryan are just pulling a publicity stunt just to make things a little interesting. Well, they can film a crazy Vlog together, no?

Tana and Jake

Last but not the least, Tana and Jake are just being themselves and calling every single person stupid who thinks that Jake will lose the boxing match with Ryan.

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