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Logan Paul all set to fight Floyd Mayweather this November?

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A lot of rumors have been circulating on the internet regarding Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s boxing match. Though, both Logan and Floyd have not made an official statement regarding their boxing match. We don’t know if it’s going to happen or not. But Keemstar shared some facts in one of the episodes of DramaAlert. Apparently, a source close to Logan Paul confirms that he is going to fight Mayweather. Now I don’t know how this fight is going to turn out. Floyd beats like a Lion and he has a lot of boxing experience. Whereas Logan has only played one match boxing match in 2018 and lost to his opponent KSI.

Logan Paul talks about his upcoming boxing match in a recent Impaulsive podcast

In a recent Impaulsive podcast, Logan drops some huge hints about fighting someone very lethal. Could it be Floyd Mayweather? Or maybe he is going to fight somebody else. But he is not fighting the Dolan twins for sure.

“There might be something more important on my horizon than wrestling a Dolan twin.”

Someone even texted Mike and asked him if Logan is fighting with Josh Brueckner. So when Mike asks Logan about it, he replies:

“I have no fuc*ing idea. I am not fighting Josh.”

Then what Mike said next is even more suspicious.

“If any of those people know, what I know right now. And what I know, you (Logan) know and Mac knows about what’s really going on, the internet will fuc*ng melt.”

Oh, Mike, you are confusing us even further. I guess we will have to jot down more hints from Keemstar’s drama channel.

Some people are still unsure about Logan Paul’s match with Floyd Mayweather

A lot of people got confused when martial arts Coach John Kavanagh showed his concern about the rumored fight.

Coach Kavangh

Umm, maybe Coach Kavanagh doesn’t know that Logan Paul had a pro license when he fought KSI. Logan even replied to Coach Kavanagh’s tweet but deleted it later. In the now-deleted tweet, Logan posted a picture of his pro license which will expire in 2023.

Michael Benson shared that Floyd has a very solid history. He has a winning score of 50-0. Though a lot of people have approached the boxing champion to fight Logan Paul. But Floyd is not stepping up for the fight as per TMZ:

It's not a done deal

Social commentator Def Noodles even re-tweeted Michael Benson’s tweet and repeated the exact same thing which a lot of other tabloids are saying.

What do you guys think about Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather? Some sources are saying Logan is fighting him and some sources are saying it’s a no-no.

It won’t be a fair fight anyway. Logan has only one advantage and that’s his height and long arms. And he will have to train day and night if the rumors are correct about his fight with Floyd.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

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