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Shane Dawson Helps Alissa Violet Get Closure

All the while spilling major tea on Jake Paul

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Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul is taking the YouTube world by storm. It definitely sparked some really interesting conversations and emotions. Whether you hate or love Jake Paul, you’d definitely would have tuned to it. In his recent video he does an interview with Alissa Violet, the alleged ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul. They discuss the whole beef between Jake Paul and Logan Paul. As well as the emotional toll it took on the mind of Alissa Violet.

Relationship of Alissa Violet and Jake Paul Not Real

So a major thing was cleared up when Alissa told the world that #Jalissa was never real. The truth was that Jake and Alissa were friends back in Ohio, Jake’s hometown. When Alissa wanted to become a model, Jake found a business opportunity. For her showing up in her videos and getting a percentage of her money, she could get the financial help of Jake and his Team 10. He helped her get signed onto a modeling agency and got her followers on social media. But during that whole time, Alissa had to become his YouTube girlfriend. The relationship was never real. It definitely took a toll on her mind because she was always confused about what the two actually were. Another important thing to note is that she was also signed with Logan Paul’s media company Maverick Media.

Emotional Abuse for Alissa

Alissa opened up about the actual abuse that Jake Paul did. Contrary to popular belief, the only physical abuse he actually did was him pushing her too hard in the videos. There was also one other incident where he broke her phone. After she tried to break his phone too, Jake dragged her down the stairs. What caused Alissa immense pain and misery was how Jake treated her. She never knew if they were an actual couple or not. Whenever she asked for the clarifications, he would just brush it off and not give it any attention. Though, it was never clear if she could go out and date anyone she wanted. But as Alissa states in the video with Shane Dawson, Jake could sleep with any girl or “Instagram model” he wanted. It seems like Alissa had feelings for Jake but they were constantly ignored. The priority of the Team 10 house wasn’t the emotional stability of the members but of Jake and his career. As Alissa stated that Jake was the “Dad” of Team 10 house.

Where did Logan Paul Come In?

After months and months of dealing with emotional abuse and feeling hurt, the ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul had had enough. It was on a weekend where the whole Team 10 house was going on a skydiving trip. She wanted to go, so asked him if she could go with them, because it seemed like a question any fake Youtube girlfriend can ask. But Jake didn’t allow her to go because he wanted to sleep with some other girl there. At that point, we can all understand how hurt and used Alissa felt. She was aware that they weren’t an actual couple,  but she still believed that the whole Team 10 was one family that didn’t exclude anyone. But they did exclude her. And all because of Jake.

That led to her breaking point. She then hit up Logan Paul because she states that they were good friends. They all went to a club like any normal friends would do. But then a series of bad decisions led to Alissa Violet and Jake Paul hooking up together. Alissa later regretted it and felt disgusted by it. She didn’t want the world or Jake to know as it would obviously hurt him. But Logan really didn’t care.

Alissa Felt like a Pawn in the Paul Brothers’ Game

Shane Dawson covered this in his “Family of Jake Paul” video where he uncovered some drama history between the two brothers. It was clear that Greg Paul had instilled an extremely competitive spirit between the siblings. They always had to be the best of the best, even against each other. So, when everything with Alissa went down, she, unfortunately, became a pawn in their game. Logan didn’t really regret sleeping with her. And when he had his beef with his brother, he saw this particular incident as an opportunity to make Jake feel lesser. Alissa stated that the whole diss tracks they made was actually a fun experience for her. But there was an instance where she didn’t want to release the video because she thought it might hurt Jake. But Logan being Logan, went with it anyway. Alissa was signed to both their media companies so she really didn’t have a choice in the matter. She also stated that she didn’t get most of the money she made during her time in the Team 10 house and after it.

Emotional Relief for Talking About it With Shane Dawson?

YouTube is certainly a world that encourages the audience to do the next crazy thing. But here things got too out of hand and people with actual feelings were used and thrown off like they were nothing. It’s not fair or right in any way. Alissa just saw this whole thing as a business opportunity but it slowly turned into a thing where she was suffering completely and getting no benefits at all, not even the monetary ones she deserved. But it feels like that after talking about it with Shane Dawson, she felt emotional relief. She said it herself that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. And we are glad that happened. No matter how crazy an online presence gets, it doesn’t justify emotionally ruining people’s lives.

After everything, Shane Dawson’s docuseries comes to an end. We are left with one major question, can we give Jake Paul another chance?

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